This Hypersonic Flight Will Take You From Mumbai To London In An Hour

We live in a time of technological marvels, where the line between sci-fi movies and reality keeps getting blurred with every new invention. Playing on the same tunes, a recent entry in the list of these inventions is all set to take you from Mumbai to London in just an hour. By Kumar Shree

The present-day flight from India (Mumbai) to London takes anywhere between eight to 11 hours, but that is soon going to change. Oxfordshire, England-based company called Reaction Engines Limited (REL) is working on developing a hypersonic flight, which would cover the entire journey from Mumbai to London in just an hour. The flight will be a direct one and will not have any layovers. Now, that sounds like some science fiction movie right! But, it’s a reality that is going to materialise soon in the coming future.

The said hypersonic flight can travel at an insane speed and can cover a distance of 38,800 miles per hour. REl also revealed that they have successfully tested the engine cooling system, which plays a very crucial role in hypersonic aeroplanes. Since there is an enormous amount of heat build-up inside the engines of a supersonic plane, and the lack of a defined method for tackling the same is what has kept the hypersonic planes from becoming a reality.

Well, that seems like really exciting news, but those dreaming of riding the plane will need to wait for a few more years as it will still take some considerable amount of time in the complete development. Apart from that, in its initial operations, it will be a really expensive flight as well. The costs will come down and become feasible as the plane takes more flights. It seems like the future is almost here and well, it is going to be a supersonic ride into the future.

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