Travel is so much more than just seeing places. It is more about living in that space and time re-configuring yourself as you go. That is precisely where the now-favourite concept of wellness travel comes in. Wellness travel has a substantial impact on your well-being as a whole, and that doesn’t go without involving all the six senses. A healthy place is one which engages and soothes all your sense and we are about to enlighten you on all the places in the world that have mastered the art of a healthy lifestyle without trying too hard. By Shubhanjana Das

1. Paris, France

We’re piling one more on a hill of existing excuses and reasons for you to visit Paris. The ‘City of Light’ may be associated with oodles of bœuf bourguignon and cheese, but the city also has its fair share of vegan-option restaurants, gyms, parks, and spas. The city’s green spaces, which include Bois de Boulogne as well as Jardin du Luxembourg are also a major factor behind why the people of Paris lead a healthy life.

2. Chiang Mai, Thailand

You would be surprised to know that Chiang Mai has as many as seven spas per seven sq km! Surrounded by vivid greenery, Chiang Mai is also a hot seat for yoga and Pilates enthusiasts. As for food, there are enough vegan-friendly restaurants offering plant-based, organic food. And hey, let’s not forget that all this comes in less than half the price of what it may be in Europe. Moreover, the detoxification of the senses is perhaps the best excuse to escape to the world’s second healthiest city, Chiang Mai.

3. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona has an abundance of hiking trails, beautifully sunlit and lush green. Apart from that, there are as many as 510 spas, 17 fitness centres, and a whopping 1368 vegan-friendly restaurants. Besides, the city’s laid back approach to life is also a welcome change from the rat’s race that we usually come from. Barcelona is also close-knit as a community, which means that people talk and share their life with each other, which contributes in maintaining a healthy mental state.

4. Vancouver, Canada

What brings Vancouver to the fourth spot in this list? It’s expansive outdoors, along with a substantial number of gyms and spas across the city which allow the tourists to emulate their healthy lifestyle even when they’re away from home without having any access to gyms or healthy eating options. Vegan-friendly restaurants are also in abundance in Vancouver.

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