Literally applying the phrase ‘spice it up’, Shangri-La’s – Eros Hotel, New Delhi is celebrating the world’s hottest and spiciest red chillies at its various restaurants, lounges and bar. Here’s how we relished them at a Red Hot Trail spread across all their restaurants. By Nandini Shukla

The Red Hot Trail Shangri La Delhi
Mango Tequila Smash

How much chilli is too much chilli? For Chef Sahil Arora, who is leading the culinary brigade at the Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel’s restaurants, chilli is a star ingredient that can be fused with various cuisines and tempt one’s taste buds. Inspired by the assortment of chillies found all over the world, his kitchen unit at the hotel has planned an array of delicacies that are spicy, savoury and sweet. We experience this spice magic through their four multi-cuisine restaurants – Sorrento, Shang Palace, Tamra, and Mister Chai.

The Red Hot Trail Shangri La Delhi
Dragon chicken with Tian Tsin peppers

Taking inspiration from the Sagra Del Peperoncino, a pepper festival held annually at Diamante, Calabria, the chefs at Sorrento serve a plethora of Italian delicacies. Savouries such as calabrian chilli sausages tortellini with Italian pepperoncino doubling as the key ingredient help fulfil our peppery cravings. Our favourite, however, is the deep-fried friggitello peppers made with slender, mild-flavour south Italian peppers which are great for frying.

The Red Hot Trail Shangri La Delhi
Deep Fried Friggitello Pepper

Next, the Shang Palace serves some appetising Chinese feasts comprising of a mixed bag of chillies from the Orient like the facing heaven chilli, Sichuan pepper, and er jing tiao. Well known for its delicious fusion of the Far East, this restaurant has curated dishes like wok-fried tofu with fresh chillies, Yunnan-style spicy chicken wings, stir-fried prawns with fresh chilli pepper and many more. While we’re here, masters in the kitchen deliver authentic oriental flavours with every bite. One can pair these flavourful dishes with fermented teas to cleanse and soothe the palate, while also enjoying the true essence of these heavenly spices.

The Red Hot Trail Shangri La Delhi
Chilli chocolate Macaroon

After a meal at Shang Rai, the party continues with an enticing buffet spread at their multi-international cuisine restaurant, Tamra. From spicy tuna rolls at the Japanese corner, to the desi Indian meals made with renowned bhut jolokia pepper, the restaurant dresses the world on our plates. Aji chilli tossed mushroom, and the ancho chilli lemon camerons are surely the star of the day. The interior of the restaurant inspired by a household kitchen catch our eyeballs, making this whole worldly experience even more indulging and fun.

Next, we meet mixologists at Grappa who concoct delicious cocktails and drinks with a spicy twist. Latina margarita, marigold gin and tonic, and chilli martini are the highlights for us. Their bold and flavourful cocktails, according to us, are best enjoyed during the city’s freezing winters.

The Red Hot Trail Shangri La Delhi
Calabrian Chilli Sausages Tortellini

Ending our blazing food trail with the bonne bouche at Mister Chai is the perfect decision. One can savour unconventional indulgences like chocolate chilli cheesecake, Chilli infused chocolate chilli truffles, chocolate and chilli macaroons at this open café located adjacent to the lobby. As the name suggests, we order a hot steaming cup of masala chai to sip on along with the delish sweets. Inquisitive about this unique combination of chilli and cheesecake, Mister Chai amazes us with the multi-usage of the ‘king of spices.’

The amazing concept of the blending and balances make us fall in love with red chilli all over again. If you ask us, it’s a must-try!

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