The Park Chennai is a hub of some extraordinary culinary experiences and a mark of sophistication and refinement. A new pan-Asian restaurant is raising that bar. By Jasmine Kaur

The Park Chennai is a one-stop weekend solution for the social butterfly because of the variety of dining options it offers to guests. Leather Bar is notable for crowds dancing to high volumes of trance and techno music. The all-day restaurant, 601, is known for its lavish buffet spreads. Aqua, the rooftop poolside bar at The Park Chennai is where the young, office-going crowd finds itself at relax after a hectic day.


Recently, they have had a new companion which shares space with Aqua. A2, a pan-Asian fine dining restaurant, designed by Delhi-based designer, Gunjan Gupta in collaboration with Priya Paul, The Park Hotels’ Chairperson, is where the elite crowd is heading for a scrumptious dinner. A2 has chic interiors done up in metal, linen and burnt wood and complimenting the water theme at Aqua, it has traditional water vessels along with a video artwork by Rajorshi Ghosh.


What to look for at A2

The open sushi bar is a major highlight along with their exhausting tapas menu. This pan-Asian restaurant invites elements from various cuisines, giving you a perfect blend of Indian cuisine with Japanese, Chinese, and even Spanish influences.


The Park Chennai



If you’re going there this weekend, check out some of these dishes from the menu:

  • Sticky Hoisin Pork Ribs-The juicy and tangy flavor and the soft meat melts in the mouth like never before.
  • Bao with Miso Marinated Fried Eggplant, Kimchi and Spicy Chilli- An amazing blend of flavours, the spicy chilli and kimichi literally tickles your tongues.
  • Yon Yasai Maki- A saviour for the vegetarians to not feel left out and leave on an empty stomach.
  • Spider Maki- At first, it would seem like a crab crawling out of a sushi but don’t worry, the smack taste wouldn’t it make it hard on the sight as it is made with soft shell crab.


No wholesome meal is complete without a delectable dessert. Desserts offered on the A2 Restaurant menu include Flambéed Dark Chocolate Marquis, Passion Fruit Semi Freddo and Poitou Goat Cheese Mousse. This appetizing experience for belly and the tongue at A2 restaurant, The Park Chennai will surely drag your steps to the hub again and again.


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