Dubai has been on the radar of travellers for many years now. We’ve been there too many times and explored its various wonders. This season if you are planning a trip to the region again, try destinations in the Middle East that are largely unknown. They offer a side of the Middle East that you may not have known even existed. The best places to begin this exploration with are Oman, Fujairah, and Jordan.

What’s Exciting:

In Oman, the Western Hajar Mountains and Salalah offer travellers untouched beauty. The Western Hajar Mountains are ideal for adventurists looking to go up the rugged mountains after exploring the historic towns. Salalah, on the other hand, offers a combination of tombs, ruins and beaches ideal for various water sports.

Fujairah has much to offer through its many wadis and forts that have been turned into museums.

Jordan’s Umm Qais is a discreet region known for its gorgeous ruins and panoramic views. This place will enthrall you like Jordan has never before.

Read on to find out where exactly to go.


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