Author Nikita Upadhyay Chooses The Lodhi Spa At The Lodhi New Delhi For An Urban Escape

Author Nikita Upadhyay discovers homegrown beauty secrets at our Spa of the Month: The Lodhi Spa at The Lodhi New Delhi. Here’s an excerpt of her experience. Text By Parvati Mohanakrishnan. Photographs by Aditya Mehrotra



Journalist and digital strategist turned author, Upadhyay is an authority on all things wellness and beauty. She recently announced her book Roots to Radiance that shot up to number one on Amazon’s bestseller list within a week of being announced! Follow Upadhyay on Instagram @nikitaupadhyay.

Author Nikita Upadhyay at The Lodhi Spa At The Lodhi New Delhi


There’s a lovely old-world charm to the thoroughly contemporary Lodhi New Delhi that makes you feel at home at once. Its art-lined corridors lead to beautifully appointed rooms and suites, a variety of dining options, and The Lodhi Spa. Done up in earth colours, the enormous spa has eight large rooms with steam, shower, bathtub, day beds, and massage tables, as well as separate hammams and wet areas for men and women. Here, you can experience a rejuvenating blend of little known Indian therapies and Western massage techniques. The soothing ambience, treatments and therapies, and expert therapists come together to relax and rejuvenate you.

Upadhyay lets go of all her stress during the massage.


“I’ve barely had any time for myself since I announced my book last month. I’ve just been working all the time, whether it’s on my laptop or phone, and even on the go. I’ve literally been all over the place! So, my day at The Lodhi Spa was a reminder of how it’s important to take out time for myself every now and then; and also to indulge in treatments that replenish and refresh my body.

The placement of a spa plays an important role because that’s where people go to get some alone time and to energise. And the location of The Lodhi Spa is naturally conducive to well-being. Almost as soon as I took the elevator to the spa level and walked down the corridor towards it, I had felt a sense of calm wash over me. Inside, I loved how big the rooms were and the fact that there was an open shower right there. The muted natural light that came in through the picture windows had such a soothing effect on me.

That post-treatment glow.

My therapist, Lily, was deceptively delicate looking. I never expected the amount of strength she used during The Lodhi Experience massage. As she stretched and massaged me, I felt my sore muscles and inflammation being treated. Everything happened so smoothly. I started with the Kashmiri Nargis Scrub, which exfoliated my skin beautifully. And then, after a lingering shower, I lay down on the bed for the massage and fell asleep almost immediately! It was such an amazing experience. When I finally got up, I felt like it was a new day!

I’ve experienced a lot of spa treatments over the years. And when I opted for the Lodhi Experience massage, I knew it would be special. True to its word, the spa had delivered exactly what it had promised: complete relaxation.”

A treatment room at the spa; Upadhyay relaxes in the spa’s reception area.

How was your massage?

“The massage used just the right amount of strength and pressure to relieve my backache, and I woke up more refreshed than ever!”



A blend of active ingredients is used to restore suppleness and elasticity to the skin.


Indian herbs and the essences of jasmine and sandalwood come together to refresh, heal, and brighten the visage.


Cleanse, relax, and rejuvenate at The Lodhi Spa’s traditional Turkish hammam.

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