Fancy living next to beautiful lakes, world-famous whiskey distillers, and scenic highlands? Here is your chance! An island in Scotland is looking for new residents. By Amitha Ameen


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Lockdown has made many of us reassess our priorities and one thing that stands out today is that — change is the only constant. And with a lot of countries offering attractive relocation propositions, we are seriously considering packing our bags and moving to a more scenic setting. After all, in the age of digital nomads all one needs is good internet connectivity, isn’t it?

If you too share the same sentiments, then here’s some news that will get your heart rate racing. A remote island in Scotland, The Isle of Rum, is actively looking out for new residents to relocate there. The tiny island, neighbouring Eigg and the Isle of Skye, is currently home to around 40 people only. Island authorities have decided to come up with attractive offers to lure those interested in relocating to a more scenic setting.


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According to a statement on the island’s official website, The Isle of Rum is looking for ‘dynamic individuals’ and families who are open to living on an island. “Young families are always a major contribution to isolated communities and so if you have young children they would find a wonderful island to play and learn in and so applicants with children will also be considered favourably in the allocation process,” it reads.

The authorities are constructing eco-friendly homes and coming up with job opportunities that include farming, childcare, and tourism to name a few. This was done to put to rest common fears of those interested who worried about moving to an island with no job or home. As for the houses, the community hopes to put up the houses for rent at USD 584 (INR 43,818) per month.


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The two-bedroom houses are situated on the edge of Kinloch village and present impressive views of the Rum Cuillin mountain. The deadline for submitting the applications has been pushed back to August 28, so it’s almost like the universe wants us to relocate here.

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