Bahaar Dhawan Rohatgi spends a relaxing afternoon at our Spa of the Month: the luxurious Imperial Spa, Salon, Health and Racquet Club. It redefines the spa experience with its exquisite interiors, revitalising treatments, and all-encompassing philosophy of wellness. By Parvati Mohanakrishnan



Lawyer, artist, and entrepreneur, Rohatgi has as vibrant a personality as the colours she uses on her canvas. Every piece of art she produces is unique, and as bold and beautiful as the artist herself. She loves to spa and dives onto a massage bed whenever she can! Follow her on Instagram.

Spa of the Month


Bathed in natural light, thanks to its beautifully engineered skylights, The Imperial Spa, Salon, Health and Racquet Club is steeped in what can only be described as an all- encompassing feeling of wellness. The residents-only spa is spread over a massive 16,000 square feet and has a distinctive Moroccan feel that is flavoured with Mughal and Indian accents. The all-white spa serves up a variety of luxurious treatments that aim to relax and rejuvenate, the salon has a mix of beautifying and nourishing treatments, and the Health and Racquet Club is perfect for an invigorating game of squash or a peaceful session of yoga.

Spa of the Month


“I’ve been stressed out for a few weeks. Both my body and mind have been tired because I’ve been working round the clock. And I’ve been waiting for a chance to soothe my nerves with a massage.

So, naturally, I was relieved when I heard that I’d be spending an afternoon at The Imperial Spa. I found myself relaxing almost as soon as I entered the lovely premises. The walk down the staircase from the garden into the spa felt like I was physically immersing myself in a well of light that could only heal me. I sipped on a glass of Sufi juice, the spa’s signature tonic for weary souls such as I, and opened the menu to find, almost at once, the perfect massage for me: ‘Imperial Depth’. The 90-minute-long massage promised everything I needed—deep-tissue, Swedish, and energy balancing techniques.

Spa of the Month

As I walked down the corridor to my treatment room, I told my therapist that I had several knots and wanted her to give me a very strong massage. We entered an arched doorway and I found myself in a beautiful spa suite—the Mughal Suite—softly lit with candles, and with an inviting bathtub filled with fragrant rose petals.

After a quick foot ritual, I lay down, breathed a silent sigh of relief, and let my therapist take over. She recommended a ginger-infused oil to soothe my aches and pains, and went slow and easy on me. She used a balanced, deep pressure with her elbows and hands to give me a massage that I can only describe as ‘perfect’. She spent a lot of time easing out the knots on my back and legs, and I felt unknown burdens lift off my shoulders.

Later as I sat in the bathtub, taking in the rose petals and the candles that surrounded me, I felt absolutely relaxed and ready to take on another few weeks of work-related madness.”

Spa of the Month



This signature therapy is a synchronised four-hands massage that balances the brain’s hemispheres.


De-stress and cleanse with this facial that uses lymphatic drainage techniques to give you toned and radiant skin.


This anti-ageing body treatment exfoliates, nourishes, and hydrates your skin, while at the same time relaxing body and mind.


Experience deep relaxation with this guided yogic meditation technique.

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