Devil’s Bridge: The Die Rakotzbrücke Bridge In Germany Merges With Its Reflection To Form A Perfect Circle

The Die Rakotzbrücke bridge in Germany is renowned for its exquisite architecture, which allows it to form a perfect stone circle along with its reflection, no matter where it is viewed from. By Shrimayee Thakur

Nicknamed as the Devil’s Bridge for its seemingly miraculous architecture, that people believed could not been built by mortal hands, this bridge is located in the Kromlauer Park in Saxony, Germany. It was commissioned in 1860 by the local knight of Kromlau, and very much built by mortals out of varied local stone, over the waters of lake Rakotzee. Its builders seem to have focused more on the aesthetics of the steeply arched bridge, rather than its utility.

Both ends of the bridge are decorated with thin rock spires that are designed to look like natural basalt columns, which are a common natural occurrence in many parts of Germany. The arch of the bridge is one half of a perfect circle, with the other half being its reflection in the water. When the waters are still and the light is right, the two combine to create the illusion of a perfect stone circle.

Legends surrounding the bridge say that as the knight was running short of time before the assigned deadline for the completion of the bridge, he asked for Satan’s help in constructing the bridge. In return, Satan asked that the soul of the first living being to cross the bridge should be delivered to him.

The best time to visit this bridge is in autumn, with nature adding myriad colours to the scene, making it more surreal. However, visitors must keep in mind that crossing it is strictly prohibited, in order to preserve it. As of 2018, the bridge has been under renovation and is surrounded by a fence to protect it. It is advisable to check the latest Instagram updates to see if the construction is still going on. It is best accessed by driving, and there is a parking lot a few minutes away from the bridge.

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