At The Sanctuary, The Den Bangalore‘s signature spa, experience innovative treatments that are sure to up your wellness ante. By Parvati Mohanakrishnan

I swoop into my ninth suryanamaskar, turning my head up to look out of the picture  windows that make up almost half the walls in my 11th-floor room. A carpet of green and brown treetops greets my eyes, the sight of which, combined with the deep breathing and
intense stretching of yoga, calms my mind, readying me for my massage at The Sanctuary, Bengaluru’s newest wellness hub.

I’ve been at The Den for a day and a half, enjoying the wide range of nutritious dishes it serves at its restaurant, The Creek; sipping on fresh, guilt-free juices at The Cold Press; sinking into the comfy bed in my Den Corner room; and practising yoga or reading by the pool, and in my room. I’m pleasantly surprised at the variety the hotel offers, and can’t wait to check out its spa.

The Den
The reception at The Sanctuary.

An elevator ride down, and another up from the gym lead me to The Sanctuary. Wooden floors, warm lighting, and an even warmer smile greet me as I enter the spa. A cup of green tea finds its way to me, and I sip on it as I browse through the menu. From an interesting mix of innovative massages, facials, signature therapies, and on-the-go treatments, I pick the ‘Sanctuary Bespoke Balancing’ massage.

I’m led to The Red Admiral, one of the spa’s three treatment rooms. And after a quick foot cleanse, I lie down on the comfortable spa bed, ready for the massage. The therapist uses
a combination of Thai stretches and deep-tissue techniques to send me into a daze. She works the knots on my shoulders, easing the stress in my neck. It feels like a burden’s been lifted off my shoulders when she moves down to my lower back, then my legs, and my feet. So deep in sleep am I that when it’s time to turn on my back, I have to be shaken awake! Of course, I promptly fall back to sleep when she starts massaging my arms and shoulders, and don’t wake up until the therapy comes to an end.

The Den
The entrance to the spa.

A shower seems like a Herculean task, so I choose to walk my oily self back to my room. And then I sneak in another nap before I absolutely have to get up, shower, and doll up for a party at Layla, The Den’s rooftop Mediterranean restaurant.


Try the signature relaxation journeys: ‘Pour Femme’ for women, and ‘Pour Homme’ for men.

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