The Arctic Hideaway: This Hotel Is A Dream Come True For Those Seeking Unaltered Solace

For those who have felt the enchantment of it will vouch that solace is pure bliss. It not only heals you from within but it also allows you to introspect. If you cherish your me-time and have been looking for a short escape, seek no more. The Arctic Hideaway is where you should head to. By Kumar Shree

The Arctic hotel called The Arctic Hideaway in Norway is a dream abode for those who like to spend some quality time amidst peace and quiet. No matter what reasons may push you into seeking the much-needed soul-stirring break, this hotel in Norway is somewhere you can always head to. Located on an island above the Arctic Circle called, Fordypningsrommet, the place is literally in the middle of nowhere and will take you, Far from the Madding Crowd.

The Arctic Hotel was founded in 2014 by Norwegian musician Havard Lund, especially for artists. The secluded property has ten separate cabins, which are designed to facilitate the artists’ in their creative processes. Five years down the line, the hotel has evolved into an attraction for common vacationers, too. While artists can use the hotel for the ‘artists in residence’ programme to get a week-long free stay at the complex, commoners seeking vacation would need to pay somewhere around USD 3,500 per week.

What adds more to the appeal of this Arctic hotel is the Fordypningsrommet Fleinvær island that it’s located on. Getting there is an adventure in itself. To reach Fordypningsrommet Fleinvær, you will need to take a 75-minutes boat ride from Bodo. The other way is to take a flight from Bodo to Oslo, and then again take a 60-minutes ferry ride from there to Fordypningsrommet Fleinvær. That’s how you reach the island that shows no signs of any human life. Just to give you a hint of it, it has no stores, cars and roads.

Once you reach the Arctic hotel, you will find the quest totally worth it. The glass walls offer you a stellar view of the Northern Lights, and of course, you will get all the calm and quiet that you need.

TNL Tips:

Book a stay anywhere between December to January for soaking in the best of this place. Make sure to carry warm clothes, blankets and some alcohol as you will need them to keep you warm. If you want, you can get a chef from Bodo, who will prepare all your meals. You can also opt for guided trips to the neighbouring island.

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