At Travel+Leisure India & South Asia, it has been our perpetual endeavour to curate the most exceptional experiences from around the world for a travel palate as refined as yours, dear reader. The Adviser List (A-List) is another significant stride in this direction. By Team T+L

With 11 experts from realms as diverse as photography, hospitality, gastronomy, adventure tours, storytelling, fashion designing, and more, we will now bring you cutting-edge travel and lifestyle insights straight from the horse’s mouth. Founder of RARE India, Entrepreneur Shoba Mohan is a prestigious member of this unique panel.

Entrepreneur Shoba Mohan

Back in 2004, when Shoba Mohan founded RARE India, the concept was way ahead of its time. But today, her philosophy of environment-conscious, community-driven, and sustainable hospitality is all the rage. When not in her boss-lady avatar, Shoba is busy exploring some offbeat locations in the country. She is “a thorough Indophile” in her own words. But these explorations, too, are a busman’s holidays. At the helm of a fast-growing boutique-hotels marketing agency, she finds it hard to separate the workaholic from the spontaneous traveller. But she doesn’t mind this duality. “The joy is in doing the routine things I love, like yoga and writing, in a new place.” For her, travel is an act of transformation—for herself and for the people she meets.

“I see travel as not just a way to explore the beauty of a place, but also as an opportunity to give back to its culture and community.”


Malerkotla, Punjab; Warangal, Telangana; Kuno Palpur Wildlife Sanctuary, Madhya Pradesh; Balasore, Odisha.