The journey to Telangana is all about historic encounters. Christened in June, 2014, the present-day state of Telangana needs a chance to be explored and welcomed into the hub of tourism. Let’s have a tour of the major attractions of this South-Indian beauty. By Jasmine Kaur



The Charming Charminar


The Charminar. Photo Courtesy: Shutterstock


The four minarets at Charminar are a beautiful replication of the Indo-Islamic architecture. Taking inspiration from the Shia of Tazias, (a religious procession of Shia Muslims) this work of art is an exquisite delineation of the grandeur of Mughals. There’s a small mosque at the top which witnesses people offering prayers in huge numbers on Fridays. Timings to visit are 9am to 5:30 pm. The entry fee is Rs.5.


The Royal Chowmalla Palace


The Royal Chowmalla Palace. Picture Courtesy: Shutterstock


If there’s a hidden desire on your heart to enjoy a royal experience someday, Chowmalla Palace should be the first on your Telangana holiday list. The intricate designs and the ostentatious Grand Khilawat, the Durbar Hall will surely make your heartbeat skip for a moment. The recent restoration of the Palace Complex has added to the majestic beauty, reminiscing the Nizams’ entertaining programmes for the royal guests. To take a satisfying feel, it’ll be a good idea to keep 3-4 hours reserved for this destination. An advantage of combining it with the Charminar tour is the proximity of the two places. It is closed on Fridays.


The Long Corridors of Golconda Fort


Golconda Fort. Picture Courtesy: Shutterstock


Another fort on your list should be this Qutub-Shahi Dynasty fort, Golconda fort. The distinction of being an ‘archaeological treasure’ as accorded by the official “List Of Monuments” of Archaeological survey Of India adds to its magnificence. The glorious history is enhanced with the fact that this region was the one where the precious Kohinoor diamond was mined. The Sound and Light Show is a fascinating experience and can be enjoyed by one and all, any day of the week.


Deep Down the Nagarjuna Dam


Nagarjuna Sagar Dam. Photo Courtesy: IndiaPictures/UIG via Getty Images


Built on the Krishna River, the world’s tallest masonry dam, Nagarjuna Dam is a pride of Indian progress. This man-made dam, irrigating about 10 acres of land, is a spaectacle to admire, surrounded with lush greenery.When you reach there, you’ll be in perfect synthesis with nature. The town of Nagarjuna, being inspired by Buddhism is apt for peace and solace.


The Breezy Pakhal Lake


Pakhal Lake. Picture Courtesy: Telangana Tourism


Amidst serenity and pure bliss lies this artificial Pakhal Lake, in the district if Warrangal. Spread over 30 kms., the water body is encircled with hilly terrain and encapsulated deep inside a dense forest. The misty air and the breeze that flows captures the essence of this scenic beauty, which is inexplicable in words and hard to capture through the lens.