Do you love hanging in the outdoors? Love a good camping trip? Yes? Well then, these new teardrop-shaped tents in Belgium are just what you need to indulge in a delightful camping experience like never before. By Amitha Ameen


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After being in lockdown for a little over five months now, the one thing we can all agree on is how much we miss being outdoors. Now that restrictions are being eased and travel bans are being lifted — we are on the lookout for the best outdoor experiences to indulge in as a way of reconnecting with nature.

An hour’s drive away from Brussels in Belgium, a forest in Borgloon near the countryside is home to a place that is certainly not your average campsite. Half-tent and half-treehouse, these structures are now attracting campers looking for extraordinary experiences. Built as part of an art installation in 2011 by Dutch designer Dré Wapenaar, these teardrop-shaped tents in Belgium are now available for people to rent.


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Costing around USD 82 (INR 6,129) per night, each of these tents are equipped with a bed, a table, storage space, windows, and a small ladder to help guests climb into the structure. The camping ground ‘Tranendreef’ is perfect for those looking for something other than the traditional way of camping; added bonus — this experience is great for stargazing too.


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The artist Wapenaar has been creating these types of tents for many years, with the first-ever ones originally made in the 1990s as part of a festival that focuses on combining art with nature. These tents were made to support environmentalists who wanted to stop cutting down of trees.

Perfect for a socially-distanced and affordable vacation, similar teardrop shaped tents can also be found in Missouri, Netherlands, France and Bornem in Belgium.

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