You Have To Witness The One-Of-Its-Kind Taiwan Sky Lantern Festival

Lantern festivals are largely popular in Asia and the Taiwan Lantern Festival is the biggest and greatest of them all. It is celebrated on day 15 of the first lunar month and at the end of the Chinese new year. By Sashwat Deo

The Taiwanese people write their wishes on the lanterns with beliefs of having a plentiful crop. These wishes and dreams are flown to the sky with the wind and the prayers are believed to be carried to the Gods.

The Taiwan Lantern Festival features the main theme and the main show at Dapeng Bay, every night during the festival. This includes performances from Voala of Spain that combine aerial acrobatics and dances, a Korean drumming troupe and Taiwan’s U-Theatre drumming troupe.

The Sky Lantern Festival is celebrated in a small village called Pingxi near New Taipei, thus giving it the name — Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival. The festival becomes an occasion for the locals to reunite and meet each other under this magical sky. The festival also showcases live music concerts, dancing, traditional games and street carnivals.

The 2018 Taiwan Lantern Festival was also the first tech-inspired lantern show. An app for the travellers in three different languages was also incorporated during the 2018 edition, which guided travellers around and helped them navigate through the festival. The street markets also used digital money so that it is convenient for travellers.

Getting There

Direct flights are available from Kolkata, Hyderabad and Bangalore to Taipei. You can take a train from the main station to Pingxi Taipei and hire a taxi to roam around nearby places like Shifen waterfall, Shifen old street and the Wulai district.


Many affordable hotels like Pingxi Cottage and Yung Feng Hotel are available in Taipei. It is advised to book beforehand during the festive season.

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