As the world continues to be afflicted by Coronavirus, Switzerland’s Matterhorn mountain illuminates with a message of hope in this time of darkness. Thanks to the internet, people all around the world can see these inspiring messages. By Upasana Singh

Every night from sunset till 11 pm, the 4,478-meter-high snow-capped Matterhorn mountain of the Alps lights up with words like ‘hope’, ‘stay home’ and ‘dream now, travel later’. In the deadly wake of Coronavirus, these messages are meant to inspire solidarity among people.


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The light projections are nearly 800-meters-high and have been beaming for more than a week on the north and east faces of the mountain that straddles Switzerland with Italy. Light artist Gerry Hofstetter, known for illuminating buildings, such as the Old Capitol with his displays, has mostly been using Swiss national colours—a combination of red and white to light up the mountain. Symbols such as a heart, the flags of Switzerland, Italy, and the Swiss region of Ticino were also projected onto the Alpine peak.

Switzerland’s southern Ticino canton that borders northern Italy has been the hardest-hit region in the country. In the coming weeks, flags of other badly-affected nations will be beamed onto the mountain. These projections can be seen live on this website.

Standing tall in the skyline, Hofstetter said that Matterhorn stands out like a lighthouse. This triggered the idea of beaming out messages of hope onto the iconic, pyramid-shaped mountain.


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The Matterhorn mountain is a bucket-list destination for climbers. It overlooks the ski resort of Zermatt down in the valley. In the past few months, the bustling town has become eerily quiet—devoid of tourists with empty hotels and holiday homes.

At present, Switzerland has over 25,600 confirmed cases of Coronavirus and over 1,130 deaths. A watchman rings the 16th-century warning bell of the Swiss city, Lausanne, for three minutes every hour from 10 pm to 2 am to remind people about the lockdown rules. This tradition of ringing the bell in a state of crisis dates back to the Middle Ages.

The heartwarming initiative by the Swiss authorities is helping to uplift spirits worldwide. At a time like this, the power of faith and hope can keep people mentally strong.

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