Ranveer Singh is a certified adrenaline junkie. He was pleasantly surprised by the range of adventure activities on offer. Here’s his ultimate guide for all those wishing to follow suit. By Team T+L


1. Paragliding and Skydiving, Interlaken 

Why not explore Interlaken, the acknowledged adventure capital of Switzerland, with the wind thrashing against your face as you dive out of a helicopter from a height of 30,000 feet? There’s no better way to take in the landscape of the stunning region—just ask Ranveer Singh, who got his own free-falling vantage point the same way. Should you want to keep flying, there’s an array of paragliding opportunities that offer an inimitable view of Jungfrau as well.

Switzerland Tourism Ranveer Singh

2. Cliff Walk, Engelberg Titlis  

With a width of one metre, get ready to brace yourself as you step onto the highest suspension bridge in Europe. The TITLIS Cliff Walk places you right in the midst of snow-capped mountains, and lets you walk the space between them, all while you look at the seemingly unending abyss that lie below.

3. The Glacier 3000

In a scene straight out of a movie—as would suit Singh—Glacier 3000 is where you can go dogsledding and have a pack of huskies escort you. However, the adventure begins before you reach as the journey involves zipping up thousands of metres, all to reach a point where every adventure activity you can think of takes place: tobogganing, suspension bridge-walks between two peaks (the view of the Bernese Alps and Mont Blanc is more surreal than you could imagine), and a bevy of alpine vistas.

4. Summer Toboggan, Mt. Pilatus

If you have the same need for an adrenaline fix as Ranveer Singh does, we suggest following his toboggan-marks down Mt. Pilatus, and embark on Switzerland’s longest summer toboggan run—a good 1,350 metres of having your heart in your mouth.

Switzerland Tourism Ranveer Singh

5. Water Sports, Zurich

For all the water-babies out there, the Swiss fun isn’t limited to diving off cliffs; there are ample opportunities at the lake shore, where you can try your hand at showing off tricks through wakeboarding, wakesurfing or waterskiing.

6. Snow Tubing, Trübsee Snow Park

There’s a certain balance that one has to strike between being energetic and languid: the Trübsee Snow Park helps merge the two by allowing you to race down the slopes on a rubber tube, and then, it’ll help you avoid the climb back up by whisking you away on the magic carpet conveyor.

Switzerland Tourism Ranveer Singh

7. Olympic Bob Run, St. Moritz

The St. Moritz-Celerina Olympic bobsleigh track offers both, history and adventure. The oldest bobsleigh track in the world, it’s the only bob run that is naturally refrigerated, and offers 75 seconds of pure, icy speed. Rumour has it that Singh found his need for speed while thundering down on the same.

Switzerland Tourism Ranveer Singh

8. Toboggan Run, St. Moritz

Dotted with curves and home to a 718-metre vertical drop, the toboggan run at Muottas Muragl is the kingpin of all. Its 4.2-kilometre course will seemingly fly by, possible because it’s the fastest toboggan run in the country.

9. Ski Experience, Mt. Titlis

Even if you’re just starting to dip your toes into the adventure rapids, there are myriad experiences to begin with in Switzerland. Skiing is a favourite, and the TITLIS Ski Experience allows you to break the ice with skiing the way Singh did, and can be clubbed with other attractions.

10. Snowmobile Ride, Engelberg

If jumping out of helicopters and zipping down tubes isn’t giving you the speed-fix you need, the snowmobiles at snowXpark definitely will. With trails that go on for more than 11 kilometres, this was one of the Gully Boy star’s favourite Swiss activities.

Apart from thrilling adventure activities, the video below will show you what else you can discover in Switzerland to tick off your bucket list.


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