‘Carapace’, dreamed up by Elena Nappi — a naval architect of the Italian shipbuilding company Fincantieri, is a hybrid vessel that can travel on both the surface of the sea and underwater. This superyacht that can transform into a submarine seems like some real #BondMovieMaterial! By Ritika Dixit

A luxurious superyacht has been designed by Elena Nappi who is an Italian naval architect. What makes the yacht ‘super’ is its ability to delve into the deep blue of the ocean for 10 days at a time in addition to travelling on the surface of the sea. The 256 ft yacht with a subtle aluminium superstructure can glide through the ocean at a maximum depth of almost 985 ft.

The top surface speed of the luxury yacht will be 16 knots. The luxurious yacht is said to represent a new class of mega yachts that combine the comfort of a luxury yacht with the privacy of immersion navigation.

Powered by a diesel-electric and fuel cell system, Carapace will hold three deck levels comprising of VIP cabins, a lounge, a spa, a bar, a health club, a sun deck as well as an infinity pool for the comfort of the passengers on board. The vessel is also designed for accommodation by passengers with limited mobility. The designer of the luxury yacht, Elena Nappi envisions Carapace being hired for private family trips as well as ‘top secret’ business meetings. On the surface, the Carapace will provide one with glorious views of the ocean from many of its sun lounges.

The price of this hybrid super vessel has not been declared yet, but once the concept hits the waters, rest assured, the vessel will cost a bomb for its luxurious amenities, stunning views of the sea as well as for its underwater abilities and especially for its utmost privacy from prying eyes.

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