Japan Is Gearing Up To Launch The First-Ever Super Nintendo World In Feb 2021

In other news, the Universal Studios Japan is ready to unveil the world’s first Super Nintendo World in February 2021. Check out the details below. By Kumar Shree

It seems like, the Universal Studios Japan in Osaka is prepping for a joyous 2021. On one hand, it will celebrate its 20th anniversary next year, and on the other, it will launch the world’s first Super Nintendo World on February 4, 2021. The Super Nintendo World has come up at $580 million and will house all sorts of otherwordly rides, retail stores and more. Some of the notable attractions include a Mario Kart ride and a Yoshi-themed ride.

To make the entire experience an immersive one, the Super Nintendo World will offer a wearable Power-Up Band. Guests can punch blocks, collect virtual coins and keep a track of their scores with the help of this band. The Super Nintendo World will also feature a replica of the Bower Castle, one of the recurring locations in Super Mario Bros, and the Mario Kart ride will be housed within. The Universal Studios Japan has also released new footage of the Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge along with images of the Bower Castle’s interiors.

The park was earlier scheduled to open last summer, however, the plan was put on hold because of the pandemic. Since February is a cold month, the park usually attracts lesser footfall than usual. Apart from that, it is currently operating at only 50 per cent capacity due to the social distancing measures that have been set in motion. Despite these factors, we are pretty convinced that Nintendo enthusiasts will visit this park for sure. After all, who wouldn’t want to experience their favourite game in a life-like scenario? The park is also working closely with health administration officials to ensure the safety of its staff and visitors.

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Kumar Shree

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