The grapevine is that  a new Super Mario theme park is coming up very soon at the Universal Studios! Though it’s not yet official, here’s everything you need to know to about what’s surely gonna be a must-visit. By Kumar Shree

First, the details leaked via a Comcast employee suggesting that a yet unnamed Universal Theme Park was about to come up in Orlando. Later, some blurred images landed up on the internet. These images clearly implied that the park will be called Fantastic Worlds. The same also hinted that it would have a Super Nintendo World. Recently, the legendary Nintendo game producer and representative director Shigeru Miyamoto refused to acknowledge the existence of any park as such.

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I think we're lost.

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Does that make you up your brows with doubt? Exactly! All the hints clearly suggest that something is cooking, and we expect it to be a Super Mario theme park. Though the name of the park remains unknown, Orlando Weekly in its report claims it to be one of the largest by Universal. The leaked documents also show that the park will have a new hub-with-spokes design and not the traditional circular race-track. Disney theme parks also use the same hub-with-spokes design.

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Despite the fact that there are no details about the central hub, we guess one of the spokes will be Mario themed. The Fantastic World is expected to open in  2020. The other Universal Studio in Osaka, Japan already has its own Super Nintendo World coming up. It is also expected to open in 2020. What we know about it as of now is that you will enter through a signature ‘Super Mario’ green pipe. The one that’s coming up in Orlando is expected to have the same ‘Super Mario’ green pipe.

The information that’s available on the Nintendo’s website points: “Nintendo-themed areas are coming to Universal Studios Japan, Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood. These will be expansive, immersive and interactive. They will be highly themed and authentic environments filled with multiple attractions, shops, and restaurants.”

These speculations have been doing round for the last four years when Universal and Nintendo announced their partnership. Ever since, Super Mario fans have been waiting and speculating the possibility of a Super Mario theme park. Though there have not been any official details, per se, that confirm the same, yet the speculations and hints point that way.

Whatever it is, it will be out in a very short time as 2020 is just next year. Let’s hope that our Sherlock hats don’t ditch us and we get our Super Mario theme park soon.

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