Have You Met Suki Yet? The Adventure Cat Who’s Setting Serious Travel Goals!

Image courtesy: Instagram
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Have you heard about the globetrotting Bengal cat who is setting life and travel goals wherever she heads to! Read on to know what we are talking about. By Amitha Ameen

Based out of Alberta, Canada this photogenic kitty has amassed a whopping 1.9 million followers with her emerald green eyes and Insta-worthy poses. With elegant poses and picturesque locations, no wonder why Suki has a dedicated following on Instagram.

While Martina takes dreamy photos of the little kitty, its Suki’s elegant and model-like poses that garner more than 100,000 likes on an average, on the photos. All of this attention has resulted in the adorable fur ball publishing a book titled, Travels of Suki the Adventure Cat.

But that’s not all, Suki even has her own little Etsy account, so that her dedicated fans and followers can buy fan merchandise.

From frolicking around in golden meadows to catching fish while boating through pretty lakes and even hiking up adventurous trails, and more recently travelling to and exploring 11 countries in two months, there isn’t anything that Suki is afraid of conquering.

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