The modern bride wants her girl gang to look just as gorgeous as her on the D-day. Celebrity stylist and co-founder of The Wedding Project, Aastha Sharma, shares some secrets on how to nail the perfect bridesmaid look. By Rashima Nagpal

Take us through your journey of becoming a stylist.

I was not always a creative person and had no interest in design; I wanted to be a lawyer. But things changed in college. I was studying fashion marketing and merchandising when I first heard of styling as a career option. This was around 2010. Right after college, I got my first job at a fashion magazine, and that’s when I realised where my true calling lies. I pursued styling full-time. Eventually, celebrity styling became my forte.

Stylist Aastha Sharma

You’ve been in this business for a long time. How do you think the wedding fashion industry has evolved over the years?

With the advent and proliferation of social media, the industry has evolved drastically. The consumers today—brides, their friends, and families—have so much knowledge about what different brands are doing. They are well aware of the fashion, follow couture weeks, are up to date with the latest trends, and know what they want; they come prepared.

How do you think the concept of bridesmaids has picked up in India?

It’s fairly new, actually. We’ve embraced it from the West. And that reflects in the choice of clothes. Girls often like to wear something traditional but with a twist. It’s a beautiful mix. It is also a great way for the bride to give her best friends the importance they deserve on her big day. Since a lot of planning goes into weddings these days and a lot of photographs are taken, bridesmaids like to wear something in sync or contrast with the bride. It’s a progressive change.

Stylist Aastha Sharma

Congratulations on launching The Wedding Project! Tell us more about it. Does it also cater to bridesmaids?

The best part about The Wedding Project ( is that services are not just for the bride and the groom. We cater to family and friends equally. Our job is to make them all look like one big team. When we’re dressing bridesmaids, we make sure their looks complement the bride’s. It needs to look flawless—from the right accessories and outfits to the right hues.

Weddings have become an intimate affair owing to the pandemic, and are not as larger-than-life as they used to be. What are the things every bridesmaid should keep in mind before finalising her look?

Usability—all the more important now with the ‘new normal’ when people are more conscious of where they’re investing their money. Colour—it shouldn’t be something that clashes with what the bride is wearing. Comfort—with so much running around to do, both the outfit and the shoes should be very comfy. Accessories—accessorise it well and keep it balanced. And, keep it light.

Indian couture labels that every bridesmaid should check out?

Amit Aggarwal, Gaurav Gupta, Rahul Mishra, and Arpita Mehta.

What are the must-check online shopping portals?

Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop (, Payal Singhal (, Atosa (, and Ensemble (

A basic tip for styling yourself?

Make sure your fittings are perfect. Understand your body type, your face, your hair, and your own sense of style rather than copying it as it is from somewhere else. And, don’t overdo it.

Your favourite colour palette for Indian bridesmaids?

Pastels and soft jewel tones.

Three words to describe your sense of style?

Boho, chic, and comfy.

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