#travelgoals – T+L found the nine most stunning locations to add to your travel bucket list and inspire the nomad in you.



Adashino Nenbutsu-Ji Temple, Japan
As sunlight filters down through the gaps of the bamboo, your stroll down a walkway close to the Adashino Nenbutsu-Ji Temple makes you one with nature. 8,000 Buddha statues greet you at the end of the trail and are placed there in memory of those who died without kin.


stunning views
Adashino Nenbutsu-Ji Temple.

Medina of Chefchaouen, Morocco
A hidden gem in the Rif mountains of Morocco, the entire Medina is washed in a magnificent shade of blue. Eat the warm loaves of bread from the ancient communal bakery as you watch the sunset paint the sky a burning read and the moonlight bathe the Medina.


stunning views
The Medina of Chefchaouen,Morocco.




Oia, Greece
Witness the most spectacular sunset at the village of Oia in Santorini. We recommend climbing to the top of the castle, early to get the best seats as you watch the sky be flooded with a brilliant gold as cameras click away around you.

stunning views

The Grand Bar Castan, Bordeaux
Having opened its doors to the public in 1890, The Grand Bar Castan is considered one of the oldest cafes in town. It was renovated back to its original Victorian glory in 2005 and is in the French region known for its fine wines.

stunning views
The Grand Bar Castan, Bordeaux.

Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia
The world’s largest salt flat covering 10,582 square kms has an average altitude variation of only one metre. When wet, the plains merge with the sky in the horizon, giving the illusion of walking on water. It cracks into perfect hexagons when dry, making sure that none of man’s measuring devices can compare to nature’s precision.

stunning views
Salar De Uyuni,Bolivia.


Ayutthaya, Thailand
Seen here is a performance of Khon, a dance-drama performed to the beats of Piphat-a music ensemble of percussion instruments. Costumes are intricate, embellished with stones and embroidery. What was once only reserved for the royal courts, Khon narrates the tale of Ramayana and is a gateway to Thai mythology and culture.



stunning views
Practice of Khon Ramakien.

Manhattan Bridge, New York City
The bridge connecting Lower Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn, is a lair with conspicuous views of the city. Here, the Empire State Building is framed by an arch of the bridge. Except for the occasional cluster of graffiti covered buildings, it remains largely unchanged providing a welcome familiarity to the citizens.


stunning views
The Manhattan Bridge.




Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong
Climb aboard a traditional wooden Chinese fishing boat, dating back to the Han Dynasty to explore Hong Kong’s islands. They have been re-vamped and offer modern luxuries like private dinners and sundecks, giving you an experience that combines tradition with modernity.

stunning views
Victoria Harbour,Hong Kong.




Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Built by King Suryavarman II in the 12th Century, Angkor Wat is the standing testament to the Khmer rule. Covering an area of 500 acres, it was originally built for the Hindu god Vishnu but was converted to a Buddhist holy site with monks regularly visiting to chant and pray.


 stunning views
Angkor Wat,Cambodia