If there’s one thing that we have certainly missed during this lockdown, it’s definitely those regular visits to our favourite street food jaunts in the city. Now, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come up with a new scheme that will help street food vendors get onto the online delivery bandwagon. Here’s what we know about it so far. By Amitha Ameen


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Street food vendors have definitely been facing the brunt of the lockdown, with their daily-wage businesses coming to a standstill, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. While many vendors have successfully made the switch to online delivery platforms, there are still many who haven’t been able to do so. But now, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come to the rescue of these street food vendors by announcing a scheme that is beneficial for them.

“A scheme has been prepared to provide an online platform to street food vendors by using technology. This means the street food vendors will be able to make online delivery like big restaurants. Efforts are being made to provide this kind of facility,” said the PM (as reported on Economic Times).


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Earlier in June, the government had launched the PM SVANidhi scheme that is aimed at helping street vendors resume their livelihood. Recently, PM Modi held an online interaction with the beneficiaries of this scheme from Madhya Pradesh and even praised the state’s efforts in the same. Through this scheme, over 4.5 lakh vendors were provided with identity cards.

As far as the online delivery for street food vendors is concerned, PM Modi urged vendors to adapt to online payment methods and added that the government would need the vendors’ support to take this further. While we are yet to receive any information on when and how this new scheme will be implemented, it is certainly a great piece of news for many.

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