The Destination Zone At Sterling Ooty – Fern Hill Takes You Through Endless Artsy Musings

With art installations inspired by local milieu and done to perfection with the help of NIIFT Chennai, Sterling Ooty – Fern Hill in Tamil Nadu welcomes its guests into Sterling Ooty Destination Zone—a blissful land of natural beauty paired with traditional aesthetic. By Sushmita Srivastav

Steling Ooty - Fern Hill

Terraced tea estates draping the pastures, thick pine forests ringing the mighty Nilgiri range, silver streams flowing into nowhere, and ferns strewn all around the valley—it wasn’t like Sterling Ooty – Fern Hills was falling any short when it came to sights to behold. From quaint colonial bungalows to stretches of strawberry and mushroom farms, the destination resort already offered everything. But when the brand decided to come together with the fashion institute of NIIFT Chennai to deck the space with an array of art installations inspired by the native milieu, there were no doubts that it would only add up to the charm.

Steling Ooty - Fern Hill

The recently launched Sterling Ooty Destination Zone at the hospitality brand’s flagship resort in Ooty has taken inspiration from the land itself. A traditional Toda hut, a dedicated wall of artefacts, ‘Did You Know’ frames on walls offering information about native tribes, a jigsaw puzzle of Ooty’s map, a huge Dandelion mural, sculptures, and a giant spin wheel in the lobby—the resort now brims with interesting installations rooted in the history and culture of the native communities.

Steling Ooty - Fern Hill

Arrive at the traditional Toda hut when you want to step out for an evening over cocktails and bonfire. Just the way Toda people like their homes (rectangular in structure with barrel-vaulted roofs and no windows), the shack is shaped in a way to blend in perfectly. The artefact wall has collectives assembled from different tribal communities like Kota, Kothar, Kov, and Toda. Emphasising on the history and significant time periods of Nilgiris, the spin wheel is designed as an activity, and is quite a learning experience for guests of all ages. The activity corner with the 3D model of a jigsaw puzzle is made for guests to have a fun time locating and fixing the map of Ooty.

With its 185 well-appointed rooms, a huge organic vegetable garden (for your fresh farm-to-fork meals), and Holiday Activity Centre with an array of experiences lined up like rope adventures, wall climbing, and zorbing, Sterling Ooty – Fern Hill is just the right place for a relaxing getaway.

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