Summers in Europe are classic and don’t need much convincing. While COVID-19 may have delayed our summer plans, it is not too late. You can enjoy your quintessential summer vacation at this stunning Italian Village, San Giovanni for free. Here are all the deets! By Amitha Ameen


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Our Italian summer dreams are finally coming true in spite of the global pandemic. While the Coronavirus outbreak may have locked us indoors, we have found a silver lining after all.

A quaint Italian village off the coast of the Adriatic Sea called San Giovanni in southern Italy is offering free accommodation for those interested, this summer. ‘Regalati il Molise’ (give yourself Molise) is a project by the tourism authorities that allows tourists to opt to stay at one of their charming houses between July and September 2020 for free.


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The village is home to a number of empty houses and is offering free stays in a bid to attract visitors, especially after the country was badly hit due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Surrounded by age-old and rustic architecture with centuries worth of rich history and stunning scenery, a summer at San Giovanni is just the escape we are all looking for.

Situated just two hours away from the more popular Rome and Naples, San Giovanni offers both azure waters through the Adriatic Coast and unexplored trails in the Apennine mountains. Due to lack of jobs, many of the town’s younger population emigrated from here, leading to the depopulation of the village.


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All you need to do to be eligible for this unique summer vacation is fill a form explaining why you want to discover Molise and then send the email out to [email protected]. What are you waiting for?

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