Most of the times we plan our stay around our destination, but when the accommodation becomes the main reason behind visiting a place, the tables get turned and how! Hotels, resorts, villas, homestays, hostels, there are a number of options available for everyone out there but a tree house? That one intrigues one and all. The idea of staying amidst the woods, atop a tree, overlooking an ocean of green deserves a vacation to be planned around it, doesn’t it? In case you’re convinced read on to find out five of our favourite treehouses from around the world. If you’re not, read on to find out how these five tree houses around the world can change your mind. By Shubhanjana Das

1. The HemLoft Treehouse, Canada

The HemLoft sits amidst the thick woods of British Columbia in the Whistler, a masterpiece in the name of a tree house by carpentry enthusiast and owner Joel. This oval-shaped treehouse has every amenity that you need to spend your days here in absolute seclusion from phone signals, internet, and the chaotic city life for a few days of untrammelled tranquillity.

2. Bird’s Nest Tree House, Luella, Sweden

The absolute brilliance that comes out of nature’s design and human kind’s intelligence is on a mighty display at Bird’s Nest Tree House in Luella, which resembles a birds nest on the outside and lavish wooden interior decorations inside that make it feel like a boutique hotel from the inside. With a separate living room, bedroom, and toilets along with a restroom, spa, and a bar to complete the wholesome indulgence of the Bird’s Nest experience.

3. Tetsu Treehouse, Hokuto, Japan

Standing on a single Cypress trunk amidst cherry blossoms, we couldn’t even have dreamt of such a fairytale-like place to be a reality. As unbelievable and stunning as it looks from outside, the interior of the one-legged structure is equally mesmerising.

4. Muskoka Treehouse, Canada

A treehouse designed to merge with the surroundings and to reduce the impact on the surrounding trees, the Muskoka treehouse is one of the coolest places to stay in the whole world. Once the place lights up at night, it resembles a huge Japanese lantern!

5. Hapuku Lodge and Treehouses, New Zealand

Torn between the panoramic view of snow-capped mountains and that of the coast? Hapuku Lodge and Treehouses in New Zealand seem to have solved the problem as long as you’re in NZ. With its 30 foot-tall tree houses in Kaikoura, these treehouses are ideal for couples and those travelling with family.

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