Believed to be extinct until now, the wildlife authorities have managed to spot the Sri Lankan Black Panther in Adam’s Peak. By Tanvi Jain

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That stare 👀 đŸ˜šđŸ˜±đŸ˜°. Amazing Black Leopard 😎 in the forests of Kabini, India. . . đŸ“· Photo by @yashasnarayan . . The term black panther is most frequently applied to black-coated Leopards of Africa and Asia and Jaguars of Central and South America. black-furred variants of these species are also called black leopards and black jaguars, respectively. . . In addition, the term is sometimes used to describe dark coloured bobcats, lynx, jaguarundis, tigers, and pumas(cougars), even though reports of black-coloured representatives of some species, such as the puma,. . . 🐆 Follow Us 🐯 @bigcatswildlife . . #leopard #leopards #africa #india #blackleopard #bigcat #bigcats #bigcatswildlife #panther #africanimals #africanwildlifephotography #wildlifeig #instawildlife #discoverwildlife #wildloveadventures #wildernessculture #capturethewild #wildplanet #igswildlife #photowildlife #wildnature_shotz #wildnature #keepnaturewild #wildbynature #nationalpark #masaimaranationalpark #catsoftheworld #catsofafrica

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In a shocking revelation by the Department of Wildlife Conservation, the Sri Lankan Black Panther has been retraced in Adam’s Peak. This specie has a very limited population and its colour mutation makes it unique.

In all, there are eight species of panthers present in the world. Before this, a dead black panther was spotted in Mawuldeniya, Pitadeniya, and was put on display at Sri Lanka’s Giritale wildlife museum, for being the last of its kind.

Although the footage of Sri Lankan Black Panther was recorded in October last year, the authorities confirmed the existence only after a thorough investigation and a couple of more videos.

Further reports suggest that along with this Black Panther, its extended family including a male, female, and two cubs were also discovered by the authorities.

After the big revelation, the wildlife department is now conducting an islandwide survey on Sri Lankan panthers. Last year as well, another rare cat — black leopard — was spotted in central Kenya, after 100 years.

Moreover, in the past, three more dead black leopards have been spotted in Sri Lanka’s Sinharaja Forest Reserve.

The black leopards, belonging to the same species of leopards that are found in Sri Lanka, were declared endangered by the Red List 2012, released at Rio+20 Earth Summit, on July 19, 2012.

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