Experience The Himalayan Wonderland Of Spiti Through Stunning Pictures

Popularly known as the ‘Middle Land’, the cold desert mountain valley of Spiti lies between India and Tibet, on the Northeastern fringes of Himachal Pradesh, and enthralls with its breathtaking barren terrains, ancient monasteries, and a cloistered way of life reminiscent of a time long gone. By Sugato Mukherjee

Spiti is one of the least populated zones in Indian Himalayas. The landscape is dotted with small villages, and sometimes, even a couple of houses take the shape of a village.
The interiors of the Valley stand witness to the monastic way of life. A mother-daughter duo inside a village kitchen.
The dark azure waters of the River Spiti meander through the Valley.
Perched atop a spur at 3,894 metres, Dhankar used to be the ancient capital of the kingdom of Spiti until the 17th century. Today, it houses the relics of an ancient fort and a monastery.
Tanzin, the youngest member of Kibber village, with her mother.
The golden glow of an autumnal sunset on the mountains of Spiti.
A checkered post-harvest land in Komic, Asia’s highest village.
Monks praying inside the ancient Tabo monastery, where Dalai Lama held two Kalachakra ceremonies in 1983 and 1996.
Uniformed schoolboys posing near River Spiti in Kaza.

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