Here is some good news for those of you who had planned your summer getaway to Spain or Slovakia and couldn’t carry forward with your plans, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. But now, you can finally embark on that long-pending trip as Spain and Slovakia have agreed to issue Gratis Visas to Indians. By Amitha Ameen


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Finally, here’s some travel news that will uplift your mood. Spain and Slovakia have announced that they will re-issue visas for those Indian’s who had been granted visas earlier in the year and could not travel owing to the Coronavirus outbreak, at no additional charges.

The decision by the two countries was taken after the Outbound Tour Operators’ Association of India (OTOAI) had appealed to the embassies in India, requesting them to grant Gratis Visas for those Indians who had previously received valid travel visas but could not go ahead with their travel plans.


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“We understand that it will take some time for outbound travel to pick up from India but moves such as these will help in building people’s confidence for international travel while also offering some relief to their pocket. This is the time to show solidarity so that together we can get travel and tourism back on its feet,” said OTOAI President Riaz Munshi (as reported on Bott India).

OTOAI is hopeful that this move will urge other European embassies to embrace similar initiatives for Indian travellers. A statement from Spain’s embassy read, “Please be informed that the Embassy of Spain will re-issue the visa without any cost. The petition for the same should be routed through BLS only for which the applicant will be asked to pay the service tax to BLS.”

This decision by the two countries will provide great relief for the Indian traveller who would have otherwise had to once again shell out money while filling in a new application for post-Corona travel.

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