Bloomberg just released the Healthiest Country Index for 2019, and the land of chivalry have made it to the top. Spain jumped from the 6th spot in 2017, to the top spot in 2019. The land of vine and olives is now also the land of healthiest people. By Kumar Shree

Bloomberg recently released its annual Healthiest Country Index for 2019. The index focuses on a variety of factors like obesity rates, tobacco use, life expectancy, and access to clean water. These factors are checked across 169 countries, and the one that rates the best against all of them emerges on top. What’s noteworthy here is that apart from Spain, there are four other European countries in the top 10. Now that made us look into what might have contributed to that feat for the European countries, and in particular for Spain.

The Mediterranean Diet

We have come to learn that it has to do with the Mediterranean diet that is at the centre of food habits in Spain. Not only Spain, but the Mediterranean diet is also popular in Italy, which holds the second spot on the list. The diet is low on sugar content and high on healthy fats. The combination has proved to help in weight loss, lower the risk of diabetes, and promote overall heart health. The US News and World Reports also named the Mediterranean diet on top in their list of 2019’s best overall diets.

Elements of the Mediterranean Diet & What Sets It Apart

Some of the major elements of the Mediterranean diet are vegetables, fruits, milk, dairy products, and fish. Unlike other diets, which impose high restrictions, the Mediterranean diet allows you to eat a great variety of food in moderation. You can have whole-grain pita bread, olive oil, salads, beans, nuts, and salmon as well. The diet is safe for most of us, including children. Plus the diet allows moderate consumption of wine.

A report by the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, predicts Spain to have the highest lifespan at around 86 years by 2040. Well, congratulations to Spain for emerging as the Healthiest World Country In 2019.

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