Nestled in the heart of India’s tropical paradise, Spa by Clarins at W Goa is a sanctuary of rejuvenation. By Priyanka Chakarbarti

It’s a sultry morning and there’s no sign of sea breeze to give me any respite as I start exploring W Goa. The property is laid out neatly on manicured lawns by Vagator Beach. I walk by the villas, peek into the restaurants, and finally soak my feet in the Arabian Sea. The water feels great, but the sun starts draining me soon. I now look forward to my visit to Spa by Clarins.

W Goa

I walk into the luxury spa and am greeted warmly by the staff. The colour palette is elegant—think dark slate hues balanced by striking white elements. The ambience is relaxing—there’s soothing Oriental music playing in the background, and the decor is minimal and comforting, yet very luxe. As I walk past the reception, I am surprised to see a huge indoor temperature- controlled pool. They call it the ‘vitality pool’. Apparently, this is where stress magically disappears. I’m half cured just at the sight of it!

W Goa

I’ve chosen a 90-minute therapy that is, incidentally, called ‘Pamper’. My therapist guides me to Moringa, one of the treatment rooms, and the therapy begins with a five-minute foot massage. I sit on a comfy chair as she lays a huge copper vessel filled with warm water in front of me. I dunk my feet in it and she gently rubs my soles with rose gel. Then, after a session in the steam room, I am ready for my pampering treatment. The first 30 minutes comprise a full-body scrub with Clarins’ salt-based granules that have hints of ginger and lime extracts. The scrub feels dry on my skin, but it works on getting rid of dead skin. I take a shower in warm water, and magically all the dryness disappears, leaving behind buttery smooth skin.

W Goa

I pat myself dry and lie back on the therapy bed for my 60-minute massage. The masseuse starts by making me smell some relaxing essential oil; I instantly calm down. The body oil she uses is a blend of hazelnut and mint extracts. The massage is called ‘Rebalancing’ and the strokes are soft yet vigorous. I doze off almost as soon as she starts massaging my shoulders, and only wake up when she finally starts stroking my face with her oil-soaked fingertips. After the soulful massage, I am wrapped in a hot towel that soaks up the excess oil and makes me feel fresh, detoxified, and revived.

I don’t take a shower post my massage. I guess I am happy in my oil-laden skin. After all, sometimes you really need to soak in all the goodness of life.

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