What Souvenirs Should You Take Away From Your Europe Trip?

If you had to bring back bits and pieces from your Europe trip, what would you bring? Every European country is distinct in character and so should be your souvenirs. We have rounded up the best souvenirs that you can bring back from your Europe trip to gift your friends and family (or yourself). By Shubhanjana Das

1. Mass, Germany:

The country where the beer flows as cheap (sometimes even cheaper than water), what can be a better souvenir than the beer mugs, which are called mass?   

2. Chocolate, Italy:

There’s no way you go to Italy and don’t visit Florence. And, there’s no way you visit Florence and don’t stock up on the delectable chocolate. It may not be as widely imported as Swiss and Belgian chocolates, but who said it’s any less worth it? 

3. Delftware, The Netherlands:

The gorgeous blue and white pottery made in Delft makes for the perfectly sweet souvenir to get from The Netherlands. Plates, teapots, and even decorative statues can be found in this pottery style, which dates back to the 1600s. 

4. Mozartkugeln or Mozart Balls, Austria:

Are we biased towards international chocolates? Guilty as charged! But, how can you resist the pistachio marzipan coasted in dark chocolate and named after Mozart, sold exclusively in Austria, where he was born? 

5. Silverware, Albania:

If you are a silver junkie, Albania’s flea markets are bound to look much like paradise to you for it is one of Albania’s oldest maintained crafts. Explore and go hunt for THE statement piece of silverware, be it tableware or jewelry that strikes you the most. Remember that silver prices fluctuate in Albania due to inflation.  

6. Speculoos, Belgium:

We’re gonna pass the Belgian chocolate on and highlight the speculoos, which rings in the St Nicholas’ day. These are crunchy shortcrust biscuits made with brown sugar and spices and are absolute conversation starters, heart-melters!  

7. Handheld Fans, Spain:

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The intricate designs on these handheld fans that you will see many Spanish women using may not be high on utility, but it is surely nostalgic of the vibrancy of the Spanish culture and makes for the apt souvenir to take away from Spain. 

8. Wooden Spoons, Romania:

These spoons are so intricately carved, you will feel criminal, dipping them in your food! They are hand-carved with different symbolic motifs, which range from animals to religious symbols to people. 

9. Tie, Croatia:

We’re willing to bet that you didn’t know the tie was invented in Croatia in the 17th Century after which it was adopted and made famous by the Parisian aristocracy. head to ‘Croata’ in Zagreb to find out the perfect tie and even the perfect knot to suit you! 

10. Knit Wool Sweaters, Norway:

If it can keep Norwegians warm, it will keep you warm as well! Norway has a crazy number of homegrown brands who make intricate hand-knit sweaters perfect for even the harshest of winters. 

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