Kolkata has a lot to boast about — culture, heritage, lineage, history, art, craft, and definitely music. As the city develops, there is a hike in the number of places known for each, sometimes overlapping each other. No matter which place opens and shuts, the iconic Someplace Else, proudly claiming its space in the thriving thoroughfare of Park Street in Kolkata, ushers in its 25th year in the city. Sure, a number of other pubs have sprung up throughout the length and breadth of the city, but there’s something about this wood-panelled bar that takes inspiration from and breathes life into the city. On the occasion of its silver jubilee, we break down for you why Someplace Else continues to be an iconic destination in Kolkata for live music, drinks, food, and just the most epic evening ever! By Shubhanjana Das

Someplace Else Kolkata
Photo Courtesy: The Park Hotel, Kolkata

1. First Lounge With Weekly Musical Gigs

Ever since its foundation in 1994, Someplace Else has been a magnet of both established and upcoming talents in the city. An evening here ensures that you stay updated with every artist and band in and around Kolkata (and even the country and beyond) worth knowing. So, if you want to explore new music, ditch Spotify for a day and drop in at Someplace Else.

2. It’s All About The Vibe

A pub could have the best drinks, the absolute best food, and even the perfect music, but when the vibe is not right, it just doesn’t feel right, does it? Well, lucky for us, Someplace Else is all about that vibe. It’s wood-panelled interiors and the cosiness grows on you as the evening rolls by, and it truly gets difficult to leave. Don’t believe us? You’re welcome to see it for yourself.

3. All That’s Good About Live Music, Is Here

Rock music lover? Someplace Else has got you covered. Blues worshipper? Then you should definitely check out Someplace Else. Or, is it jazz that is more of your jam? Well, Someplace Else is the answer. The very idea behind having weekly musical gigs is to provide platform for musicians and bands to bring their art on stage for the people of Kolkata who are honest devotees of their music. No matter when you drop by, Someplace Else is always pulsating with music.

4. The History

A number of musicians, over the past 25 years, have stepped up on the Someplace Else stage and performed for its ever-cheering crowds. To name a few — Ehsaan & Loy, Nikhil D Souza, Anjan Dutt, Parikrama, Nischay Parekh, Ganesh Talkies, Louiz Banks, Jonas Hellborg, Indian Ocean, Mukul Dore and Ravindra Chari, Mumford & Sons, Pentagram, Zero, Orange street, and Indus Creed, among others. It’s no surprise that Someplace Else has marked its place as one of the must-visit destinations in Kolkata for exploring its live music scene.

5. What The Celebratory Month Holds

Someplace Else is all set to celebrate its 25th successful year in the city and with all the pomp and glory. Expect live performances by Parikrama, Krosswindz, Grooverz, Nucleus, The Fender Benders, and DJ Austin. If you’re in Kolkata, we hope you are marking your calendars.

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