The increasing number of solo women travellers in India prove that this trend is here to stay. So, on International Women’s Day, we have curated the top 8 destinations for solo women travellers in India. By Kumar Shree

1. Varanasi

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If there is one place in India, which could give you an entire glimpse of the magnanimous country, it is Varanasi. Vividly decorated ghats, Banarasi saris, exemplary food trails, and a small-town like vibe with intermingled streets and serpentine lanes — Varanasi has it all. There are 5-star stays and free of cost dharamshalas as well. When it comes to local food, you cannot miss indulging in the legendary Puri/Kachori+Sabzi combo with Jalebi+Lassi. They also proudly flaunt international chains of cafes and bakeries. But, what stands out the most is the people and hospitality! It is they who make Varanasi one of the best places to visit for solo women travellers in India.

2. Mysore

The cultural center of Karnataka, Mysore is a must-visit place for those who have an inclination towards Indian culture and history. The city is host to a number of palaces and gardens, which offer beauty, grandeur, and a glimpse of the glorious past that enriches the roots of Mysore. These factors make it a much-preferred destination for solo women travellers in India.

3. Nainital

Nainital, the largest hill-resort town situated in the serene valleys of Uttarakhand is a sure place to visit for solo women travellers in India. The town got its name because of the eye-shaped lake, which shines like an emerald gem. The entire town is situated around the lake and is extremely easy to maneuver through. And, that makes it a really fun place to explore on your own. What truly adds to the experience is the warm and welcoming nature of the Kumaoni people.

4. Udaipur

If you ever feel that you need to jump in on a vacation and you have not planned for it, choose a destination in Rajasthan. Rajasthan has the warmest people you could ever meet. They are friendly, generous and very helpful. The reason we have chosen Udaipur is because it is one of the most beautiful and relaxing places to visit. The rich cultural heritage of the city and the leisurely pace of life will make you fall in love with Udaipur.

5. Sikkim

Let us declare the known once again — Northeast is the most beautiful part of our country. In this gorgeous space lies the blissful Sikkim. If you are a mountain person, Sikkim is your calling. The place is an amalgamation of high mountains and low valleys. Sikkim is one of those destinations in Northeast India, where there is something for every kind of traveller. If you’re an adventure junkie, well Sikkim has a bevy of hiking and rafting options on Goecha La and Teesta river, respectively. Similarly, if you’re more on the religious side, you can visit the many monasteries in Sikkim and if you’re one of those sightseers, Sikkim will take care of that too. All of that bundled with amazing hospitality of the people here makes Sikkim one of the best destinations for solo women travellers in India.

6. Pondicherry

Pondicherry, the French colony of India is the place, where the time itself takes a break. If you are looking for an absolutely calm and serene setting, Pondicherry is where you should head straight to. This town is contoured by stunning boulevards mixed with aesthetics of French architecture. It also has beautiful virgin beaches and backwaters along with spiritual landscapes. The seafood, the French cuisine and the fact that you can stroll in the city at absolutely anytime without worrying about anything makes it a great destination for solo women travellers in India.

7. Shimla

After Nainital and Sikkim, Shimla is the third featured hill station on this list. You must visit Shimla because it is hands down the crown jewel hill station of India and no other destination can match the charm of it. Shimla has a bevy of adventure sports options if you’re an adventure junkie. You can take a dip in history with the Military Museum in Annandale for an insight into the India-Pakistan war of 1971. Shimla is truly one of the best destinations for solo women travellers in India.

8. Hampi

A UNESCO world heritage site, Hampi used to be the largest and richest human settlement at one point of time. It is now that Hampi has come to be known as the forgotten empire. Hampi’s natural landscape and its distant location far from the bustling city lives gives it an edge over other destinations. The people here are hospitable and super friendly who will make you feel safe and cared for. If you have the backpacker soul in you, Hampi is a must visit place for solo women travellers in India.

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