While the sense of community, togetherness, and the feeling of being protected are great, the real magic happens when you travel solo. Going solo to a destination expands your horizons and liberates your soul. Celebrating the same spirit, this International Women’s Day, we bring to you an ultimate guide to solo women travel diaries. By Kumar Shree

1. Research Well Before Choosing a Destination

While ticking the destinations off your bucket list is a thrill in itself, it is always a good idea to research a destination well before finalising it. Research everything — right from the weather to local culture, and dressing and food to local etiquette as well. This will help you with acclimatising easily. 

2. Research Your Stay, Book In Advance & Check Reviews Before Booking

Put equal effort in researching your stay options. It is of vital importance that you check the reviews of a place before booking it. Always book in advance to avoid any last minute hassle. Keep the address of your stay handy, like in a notebook or a pocket diary. Do not just keep it stored on your phone where you may need an internet connection to check out.

3. Keep Your Family Updated About Your Itinerary & Whereabouts

Keep your family posted and updated about your whereabouts. While we understand that the idea is of travelling solo, keeping them informed will do no harm to the idea. Instead, it will provide both parties a sense of assurance and with them being assured, you would truly feel independent. Let’s not consider the scenario, but in case something uncalled for happens, someone would know your exact whereabouts and can be of great help. After all, “A little precaution never hurt anyone.”

4. Pack Light

Remember, this is not a family trip or a trip to your cousins home. You are going to travel solo, and you will be carrying all the luggage with you almost all the time. Keeping that in mind, pack bare minimum necessities. Try going for deep and dark coloured clothes as you can repeat them easily. Always have some snacks and a water bottle handy. Don’t forget to pack some medicines, power backup for your phone, and a Swiss Military knife.

5. Take Care Of Your Health

While indulging in the local food will seem appealing, irresponsible indulgence is not the best practice. Since you are travelling solo, you have to take great care of your health. You definitely want to explore the place and travel to your heart’s content; you do not want to fall sick while you are at it. Try to eat from hygienic places when travelling solo, and when unsure go for packed food options instead.

6. Always Protect Your Important Documents

Nothing can mess with your solo trip more than misplaced documents. When travelling solo, there are already a hundred things that you need to manage and take care of. And, you definitely do not want an additional hassle with lost paperwork and documents. Make sure to carry your passport with some extra cash in a safe, well-concealed spot with you. Always keep your documents secure. Also, always have a copy of them with you and with a trusted contact back home. Travel insurance is a must when travelling solo!

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