If you’re intrigued by the idea of free-falling to boost your adrenaline and wish to take the plunge, then these skydiving destinations are the best spots! By Bayar Jain

1. Hawaii, United States of America

A well-established spot for adrenaline junkies, Hawaii is composed entirely of islands, rainforests, and mountains. In essence, this means that a birds’ eye view of these marvels is no less than a dream. These varied landscapes also imply that one can choose from a range of heights to jump off from.

2. Fox Glacier, New Zealand

Chances are that even the thought of skydiving – irrespective of whether it’s your first attempt or 100th – gives you jitters. When at the Fox Glacier in New Zealand, however, a look down at the serene landscapes could help calm your nerves. With a backdrop of the Southern Alps, soothing white glaciers, lusciously green rainforests, and the calm ocean, we assure your anxiety will dissipate into the skies.

3. Interlaken, Switzerland

If your idea of free-falling from the sky involves panoramic views, then Switzerland is your best bet. Already famous among tourists for its snowy peaks and icy blue lakes, a glimpse of the same from the skies elevates the experience to heavenly statures. When jumping off the plane at Interlaken, keep an eye out for Interlaken’s two lakes and the incredible Swiss Alps, including the famous peaks Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau.

4. Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Easily one of the most Instagrammed skydiving locations in the world, Palm Jumeirah allows one to enjoy the enchanting views of Dubai’s famous deserts seamlessly juxtaposed by towering skyscrapers. In fact, so popular is this spot that it is recommended one reserve a time at least two months prior!

5. Pattaya, Thailand

From shopping to massages, monasteries to skydiving, Thailand’s Pattaya seems to have it all. One of the few destinations in South East Asia offering this opportunity to its tourists, this island-nation is often considered one of the best places to undertake tandem jumping.

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