Sky Dining is the Latest Fad Among Gourmands in Bengaluru. Find Out Why!

Rooftop cafes are a thing of the past as we make way for a new and exciting concept-dining experience—Sky Dining. If you think it has anything to do with an airplane, you’ve lost the bet! By Japleen Kaur

Bengaluru is now home to India’s first ever “hanging restaurant”. Fly Dining, a concept-dining experience available in over 40 countries, is now offering a mid-air dining experience for gourmands in the IT capital. Earlier launched for a brief period in Chandigarh, the experience involves lifting a table, where diners are seated for a meal, to a height of 160 metres (60 storeys) and suspending it mid-air with the use of a crane. This table then rotates 360 degrees, so the diners can enjoy a good, aerial view of the city. Sounds exciting? You can either book individual spots or have the entire 22-seater table to yourself.

Gourmands can look forward to a brief mocktail sessions that last 30 minutes, or a full-fledged dinner that can take about an hour. While the mocktail session comprises a drink and some snacks, a set menu is followed for dinner: grilled chicken (or sautéed vegetables) with herbed rice, croquettes and bruschetta, fruit bowl, and a mocktail. Remember, the food is not prepared live and is only served in the sky by a team of chef, bartender, and two attendants.

In case of an emergency, the crane can be brought down in no time. But its advisable to make a trip to the loo beforehand! Though age is not particularly a constraint, diners must have a minimum height of 135cm (4 foot, 5 inches).

Open for lunch, dinner, and high tea, the average cost for two people at Fly Dining would be around Rs 8,000. To book a spot, visit Fly Dining.

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