Are you ready to check off skinny dipping from your bucket list? Here are the top spots for a memorable experience. 


Viti Lake, Askja Caldera, Iceland


Viti in Viti Lake means ‘hell’ in Icelandic, probably because of the lava-flow from the active volcano nearby. This blue-green sulphurous crater lake by the Askja volcano in the Dynggjufjöll mountains, has warm water but a pungent smell. Tourists are advised to remove all clothing and jewellery before taking a dip because the Sulphur in the water has corrosive properties.


Skinny Dips
Viti Lake, Askja Caldera, Iceland.



Traditional Onsens, Japan


Apart from the innumerable health benefits of natural spring-water, the Onsens—traditional spring-water baths across Japan, are considered virtuous and a way for communities and couples to connect sans barriers. Many baths are open-air or inside caves, while some have been sequestered as per tourists’ requests.


Skinny Dipping
Traditional Onsens, Japan.



Lake Superior, Porcupine Mountains Michigan


The perfect ending to your hike around the Porcupine Mountains, or the ‘Porkies’, would be to strip and swim in the untouched Lake Superior. Very rarely, a boat from a camp-site may cross your path, so it’s advisable to stay close to the shore.


Skinny Dipping
Lake Superior, Porcupine Mountains Michigan.



Radha Nagar, Andaman And Nicobar Islands


This pristine private beach is sheltered by a thick forest cover on one side, making it suitable for those who want to give swimming in the buff, a go. You’ll also hit jackpot when it comes to snorkeling and scuba-diving, the island is bestowed with some of the whitest sands and clearest waters.


Skinny Dipping
Radha Nagar, Andaman And Nicobar Islands.



Formentera, Spain


You’ll have to bike to this spotless beach where cars are not allowed, and nudity is the norm. Laze away on a sunny day to up your Vitamin D intake naturally and get a beautiful, sun-kissed tan.


Skinny Dipping
Formentera, Spain.