Skateboarding And Ballet Are The Newest Art Forms On Display At Parisian Museums

Taking their love for art to another level, Parisian museums have now opened their doors to skateboarding and ballet recitals! Read on to know more about this unique cultural infusion. By Bayar Jain

In a first, the iconic Musée d’Orsay museum and Louvre Museum in Paris have brought other forms of art into its premises: skateboarding and ballet. The melange of the two is a result of a video shot against the museums’ painting-heavy walls and age-old sculptures.

In the video, spectators are glided around the art-spaces through a ballet choreography with skateboarding blending into the scene. Conceptualised by two French film directors, Marin Troude and Tristan Helias, the three-minute-long movie came into being owing to support from Musée d’Orsay and the Centre des monuments nationaux, a French governmental body responsible for managing, restoring, and conserving historic buildings of the state. Underscoring the visual journey is a poetic musical score, courtesy British-German composer, Max Richter.

A journey across the historic structure aside, the short movie is a contemporary love story between a ballet dancer (played by dancer-choreographer, Victoria Dauberville) and a Parisian skateboarder (Tristan Helias)—a depiction that is shown on a metaphorical level as well as a union of two bodies in motion through time and art history. With this, the directors aim to rediscover the city’s cultural heritage through a renewed, contemporary pair of lens, as per a statement by the museum.

Notably, Paris’ Louvre Museum has been open to the public since July 6 after it has shut down temporarily post the pandemic outbreak. Moreover, Musée d’Orsay museum has been allowing art lovers into its abode since June 23, 2020, post a three-month temporary closure. Other Parisian sights too, like the Eiffel Tower, and Notre Dame Paris have reopened, while cafes, bars, and restaurants have started functioning with renewed guidelines.

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