We couldn’t be happier when Andaz, a luxury lifestyle brand by Hyatt decided to launch its first property in India last year. We’d already travelled to its fabulous counterparts in Amsterdam and Tokyo, but was India ready to handle its fresh contemporary perspective? By Girik Gupta


Well, it’s almost one year since it opened doors and while we gave time for the excitement to settle in, we took one long look at the property during our masterclass in gin mixology held here, to bring our views into perspective. Gladly, none of it changed. So, here we are with six reasons that make Andaz Delhi stand out from the wave of other contemporary hotels in the country.


Andaz Delhi Is A Molecule That Sums Up Delhi As a City

Andaz hotels around the world are popularly known to bring together the characteristic features of the city they are set in and pump them artistically into the design of the hotel. As such, each room is designed differently from the next, with modern art thriving in its corridors, lobby, bedrooms, restaurants, right up to the front porch. You can spot the art at Andaz Delhi from the moment you step in. Located in New Delhi’s Aerocity, it is not only minutes away from the airport, but it is close to the coolest neighbourhoods around Delhi. This is also the biggest Andaz hotel in the world with an inventory of 401 rooms and suites that almost reflects the larger-than-life hospitality of a Delhiwala. In comparison, their counterparts are much smaller (Amsterdam= 122; Tokyo =164; 5th Avenue= 184) and compact.


andaz delhi



They Are Far From Following Orthodox Uniforms

Heddo Siebs, General Manager, Andaz Delhi, stresses on how personalization is a feature at Andaz hotels worldwide. One of the ways they channel it is through the uniforms that are specially designed by couturiers Lecoanet Hemant. Here they have six sets of everyday wear that the employees can choose from according to what fits their personality best. From lacy blue long coats to dungarees and sneakers, you’ll find the staff in their true element here.


Andaz Delhi_Horizontal3

They’ve Published A Book Already 

In its small life of a little less than a year, Andaz Delhi has authored a book on Delhi. 401 Reasons to Fall in Love With Delhi is exactly like it reads—401 places, experiences (encompassing all senses), and ways you can fall in love with the city. So, there goes your Google-ing, because each room in the hotel is provided with one, that you can simply skim for what you like. This book is conceptualized by Fiona Caulfield, an avid traveler and writer, who gives an inspiring perspective to the prismatic local culture of this centuries-old city. The book is Andaz Delhi’s tribute to this inspiring city, from its celebrated iconic monuments to its forgotten rituals and lesser-known places that make even locals nostalgic.



401 Reasons to Fall in Love with Delhi



They’ve Brought a European Food Hall To Their Hotel

Taking from the concept of a European Food Hall (frequent travellers to Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, or Vienna will love this) approach to restaurants and bars, Andaz Delhi brings an eclectic menu comprising salads, burgers, lamb chops, and murg makhana, all under one roof at AnnaMaya, without burning a hole in your pocket. Their tag line: Eat Mindful. Shop Artisanal. Raise Awareness is brought alive at this multi-cuisine restaurant that grows its own microgreens, uses artisanal products (which are also on sale), and promotes mindful eating. Annamaya has already set a benchmark for Aerocity and left quite a few Khan Market favourites behind.


At Annamaya, the restaurant



They’ve Made Their Own Gin and Offer 35 Infusions at Juniper Bar

If you haven’t been to the country’s first and only gin bar yet, it’s about time. Juniper Bar at Andaz Delhi offers over 35 varieties of home infused gins with the use of pure ingredients such as hand-picked herbs, fresh juices, and carefully distilled liquors. In addition to that, Andaz Delhi has partnered with London Bar consultants to bring ‘Delhi Sapphire,’ a top-notch gin that infuses flavours of Delhi—orange, coriander, cumin, cardamom and vanilla—to create distinctive and evocative notes. With quirky concoctions to sip on, it is the perfect place to socialise and entertain friends and colleagues at large communal bar tables.


andaz delhi



They Have Revamped Ambassadors Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Who would have thought that the ambassadors that once took a sad departure from the streets of Delhi will see a colourful, almost unidentifiable makeover on the front porch of Andaz Delhi. Guests staying at the hotel can book this sawari if they wish to tour the city (albeit with the 401 Reasons… book in hand). With Indian designed splattered over its brightly coloured exteriors, these rides are every bit of an eye-catcher on the streets.



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