Climate change, water shortage and plastic pollution are for real. And we need measures to not only keep these in control, but to also look at sustainable measures to ensure least damage to our climate. The Nilgiri District Administration has taken a step in the right direction by deciding to ban single-use plastic in the district. By Kumar Shree 

The water crisis in Chennai is just one of the first few reminders that it is high time we start taking care of the environment and be aware of climate change.

Thankfully, in a much welcome move, the Nilgiris District Administration, which has the charge for one of India’s leading tourist hill-stations, Ooty, has decided to ban the sale of single-use plastic items along the highways leading to the district’s major towns. The move, which would be implemented from August 15 2019, is expected to cut down, or even totally ban the in-flux of single-use plastic in the town.

The ban has come after an intervention from the Madras High Court, which in its recent hearing directed the District Collector to come up with ways to check the entry of all types of plastic packages in the district. In compliance with the orders, the district administration has decided to ban single-use plastic items beyond the entry points to the district. Some of these entry points are—Geddai, Nambiar, Kunnu, Pattavayal, Solladi, Thalur, Nadugani, Kakkanallah, Kunjapanai, and Burliar. 

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Not only has the sale of single-use plastic items been banned, but the tourists travelling to Ooty won’t be allowed to carry any products packed in single-use plastic packaging either. These products include the plastic water bottles as well.

Apart from this, the Madras HC also extended the ban to Kodaikanal in Dindigul district, which is another popular tourist destination. So if you’re travelling to Ooty or Kodai, we suggest you adhere to the ban for a hassle-free travel experience.

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