Travel + Leisure India’s Best Awards 2018 clearly proved that Singapore tops the list of holiday destinations among Indians. If you’re a Foodie and planning a trip there, don’t miss out on Singapore’s events calendar that features a number of food festivals!

You’ll be spoilt for choice in Singapore when it comes to experiencing the most ultimate form of international gastronomy coupled with the best of the traditional food scene. So, if you are planning to visit Singapore in the near future, plan your itinerary according to your culinary affiliation and enjoy what are some of the greatest food events happening in the country! 

World Gourmet Summit 

Who is it meant for: If you want to indulge in Singapore’s off-the-beaten-track gastronomic experiences 

What is it: Fine cuisine, great wine, and exclusive dining affairs define the World Gourmet Summit (WGS). One of Asia’s premier haute cuisine festivals, WGS brings a rare opportunity for foodies to gorge on gourmet dishes sporting a multitude of culinary influences. At the 23rd outing of this month-long food festival (that has seen names like Thomas Buhner, Mathieu Viannay and Heinz Beck in the past), expect a fantastic line-up of international Master Chefs like Martin Rebaudino from Argentina, along with Singapore’s brightest culinary talents coming together under one roof. This year, WGS will also include some of Singapore’s top restaurants like the Tippling Club, Hua Ting Restaurant and Bacchanalia Singapore, among others. So, if you are looking to experience dining at its best, this should be your calling. 

When is it: 2-4 April

Singapore Cocktail Festival

Who is it meant for: For travellers who love to sample cocktails while on the go

What is it: Singapore Cocktail Festival (SGCF) is an annual event wherein Asian cocktails are blended with innovation, mysticism and unique pairings. If you are in Singapore during this time of the year, mark your calendar for your nightlife scene will just get better! This festival debuted in 2017 and over 25,000 visitors indulged in little sparklers that come in glasses. SGCF is all about creating unforgettable cocktail moments with your friends and family. If you love sipping cocktails while on a vacation and if you truly enjoy meeting new people and exploring local and global drinks, then this is your true paradise. Pay a visit to SGCF to meet like-minded cocktail lovers, mixologists from all over the world, and basically have a blast! Additionally, you can participate in cocktail tours and cocktail workshops to make your experience all the more holistic.

When is it: 10-18 May

Singapore Food Festival 

Who is it meant for: If you want to indulge in Singapore’s local culinary scene 

What is it: The Singapore Food Festival (SFF) celebrates the essence of local culinary traditions and dining cultures. Expect innovation and artistry in whatever you sample here. This annual food festival is the perfect spot for die-hard gourmands to savour Singapore in every bite. Besides scrumptious food, you can also witness live music performances, go on cultural tours, attend various workshops and events, and ‘Instagram’ the whole affair! One of SFF’s signature events — STREAT — a weekend pop-up restaurant helmed by renowned chefs like Anne-Sophie Pic and Alain Ducasse will be serving up a specially-designed menu comprising contemporary Singaporean cuisine. So, what are you waiting for? 

When is it: June

GREAT Food Festival 

Who is it meant for: If you want to understand the history and creation of various dishes 

What is it: This annual spectacle called the GREAT Food Festival brings together some of the biggest names in the cooking world on one podium. The 2018 version of the festival took it a notch up by adding seven international culinary stars to its already star-studded line-up. The 2019 version of it is expected to be much bigger, better and grander. At the GREAT Food Festival, you can expect a plethora of food options, delicious flavours, and some of the biggest celebrity names from all over the world. Apart from these, be ready to indulge in countless dishes crafted by Michelinstudded chefs and award-winning restaurants. You may also attend celebrity masterclasses and workshops at the GREAT Food Festival. 

When is it: September

Wine Fiesta  

Who is it meant for: If you love wine ‘n’ cheese, this is where you need to be 

What is it: If you like to picture yourself on a ‘wine-cation’ (where wine is an integral part of your itinerary), the Wine Fiesta is where you can experience the best of wines paired with gourmet treats. Over here, you can taste more than 250 kinds of wine from around the world like Carrick, G.D Vajra and Casa Marin. Meet winemakers, socialise, attend wine masterclasses, brush up your knowledge about the nitty-gritty of wine-making, and eat food cooked lovingly by celebrity chefs from Singapore and various other countries. This festival offers a multi-sensory experience and you wouldn’t want to miss it! The Wine Fiesta is truly a paradise for wine admirers and it demands your presence. After all, “There’s always time for a glass of wine.”

When is it: October