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Exploring Tunisia’s Ancient Town Sidi Bou Said

Located on top of a cliff, Sidi Bou Said is one of the most phenomenal towns for you to discover this summer vacation. The town is famous for its artistic touch of blue and white, and is situated near Tunis, the Capital of Tunisia. By Divyansh Mehta

The town is famous for its impression over people; the settlement is so mesmerising that many artists reside here and claim the town to be their inspiration. Since Sidi Bou Said is located near the capital of Tunisia, this town has many attractions for you to cover and explore the interesting side of historical events and pleasing atmosphere. Here are some attractions you should definitely visit if you’re planning a trip to Sidi Bou Said.

1. Dar Lasram

Built in the 19th century, it was once home to Lasram family. Now, the palace has turned into a museum by the Tunisian Government. This palace and museum has magnificent interior features and has a collection of materials, which document the historic fabric of Medina.

2. Baths Of Antoninus

The Roman Thermae is one of the largest built in the Roman Empire. These baths were built during the time of Roman Emperor Antoninus Puis. Being one of the most important landmarks of Tunisia, the monument has a historical singnificance attached to it. It is now an archeological site of Carthage on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

3. The Café des Nattes

This is the most famous cafe in not just Sidi Bou Said but the entire country. Built in the 1900, this cafe is located at the centre of this town and is the starting point for exploring the vintage village. The traditional mint tea at this cafe is worth a try.

The best way to spend time in Sidi Bou Said is to stroll through the town, exploring various studios and restaurants.

Getting There

The town is located 20 km away from Tunis, capital of Tunisia, and can be easily reached from Tunis International Airport either by road or train since it takes only 30 minutes.


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