Complete lockdown, home quarantine, and to top it all the rising cases of the COVID-19 pandemic. This scenario though not uncommon these days, but was something one couldn’t have imagined a few months ago. A deadly virus that has spread across the globe, claiming thousands of lives, and infecting lakhs, has forced people to completely lock themselves in their homes. The frustration is only adding up every day, along with anxiety, stress, fear, and etc., among other things. So why not meditate a little to calm your mind in tough times like these? By Tanvi Jain

1. 15-Minute Guided Meditation To Find Peace In Uncertain Times by Boho Beautiful;

2. Meditation during COVID-19 Quarantine by Elsidoll;

3. A Powerful 10 Minute Guided Meditation;

4. Guided Meditation with positivity affirmations in Quarantine by Mind & Motivation

5. Day 14: Meditation – At Home (Quarantine Edition) by Holly Dolke;

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