Here’s Why Food Blogger & Baker Shivesh Bhatia Loves Travelling!

As much as self-taught baker and food-blogger Shivesh Bhatia enjoys digging into his sweet treats, his heart lies equally in travelling the world as well. When not whipping up Instagram-worthy sugar delights in the kitchen, you’ll find him penning down stories from his overseas tours. We got in touch with him to know more about this love for being on-the-go, his lockdown days, and more. By Bayar Jain

1. Where were you when the lockdown was announced and how did you spend your time during this period?

When the lockdown was announced, I was at home. My team and I were discussing what the situation is and whether we should reduce our working days in the studio. At first, I was definitely sceptical since almost everything I do requires for me to travel and meet people. But, it has been a positive experience. I got time to do many things that I had lost touch with, and I build on skills that I know will help me later in the future.

2. What was your last vacation before the lockdown was announced and what did you do there?

My last vacation was a super fun one! I went to London for two weeks with my best friends, Tanya [Khanijow] and Kritika [Khurana]. Not long after London, I also went on an impromptu trip to Gulmarg with these two as well. It was one of the most eye-opening and breathtaking trips I’ve been on.

3. If you could choose a place to be quarantined at other than your home, where would you go and why?

I don’t think I would want to be quarantined anywhere else. I loved catching up with my family. Staying indoors, I realised that we can stay together without getting on each other’s nerves! Besides that, I have my studio kitchen here as well and baking every day keeps me sane.

4. In terms of dining, what changes do you predict in the post-Corona world?

Everyone would require a lot of patience and trust. I imagine restaurants initiating and practising limited seating and pre-booking, in addition to the necessary preventive measures.

5. What do you miss most about travelling?

I love eating at new places, getting to know locals, exploring markets, and crashing into my hotel bed after a long and fun day. I miss all of this!

6. Your go-to destination once travel restrictions ease and why?

I really want to go to Japan again. It was actually a part of my 2020 bucket list. It is such a beautiful place with so much culture. I want to experience everything Japan has to offer.

7. Road trips are expected to be the next travel trend. Where would you go for one and why?

I will definitely go to a hill station! Any hill station with snow is a done deal.

8. Your take on conscious travel and how do you incorporate it when you’re on-the-move?

The concept’s crux lies in sustainability. While I love to treat myself when I’m travelling, one needs to have a sensibility towards the environment and others, which is why I pack light. Each additional kilogram adds to the carbon emissions of the plane. Moreover, using hotel services judiciously and avoiding bottled water are my other top tips.

9. In a sentence, why do you love to travel?

I love to travel because it gives me the freedom to explore, engage, and experience.

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