Experience authentic therapies for body, mind and soul at Delhi’s Sawadhee Traditional Thai Spa. By Parvati Mohanakrishnan

Tong… The song of the sound bowl resonates through the mood-lit room. Its vibrations coax my body’s vibration into unison. I feel my shoulders relax, letting go of the burdens of the day, waiting for my therapist Ruth to undo stress- and posture-related damage. And as she begins stretching my arms and legs in turn, I allow my yoga-happy body to be led by her controlled movements. Soon, the stretching stops and Ruth begins the 60-minute ‘Deep Tissue Massage’ with an aromatic oil of my choice.

Sawadhee Spa

I am at Sawadhee Traditional Thai Spa in the heart of South Delhi. Built in the likeness of a traditional Thai pagoda, the boutique day spa has soothing, warm interiors done up in earthy colours. Tall bamboo plants and a water body add to the zen-like vibe, and like its name – Sawadhee is a Thai greeting that means ‘welcome’ – the spa is inviting and comforting.

Sawadhee Spa

As are the treatment rooms – seven single and two couples rooms, all with Jacuzzis. The sunken bath-cum-jacuzzi in my en-suite room looks particularly inviting. But, I am too lost in a world of post-massage bliss to even imagine getting up. Fortunately, I don’t have to; the only movement required of me is a 180-degree one to get me back on my stomach!

I’m waiting for Ruth to start the ‘Sensual Red Wine Scrub’, a 40-minute exfoliating treatment that aims to prevent ageing, restore collagen and lighten skin pigmentation. As she puts together the ingredients, Ruth explains that the scrub is homemade, created by Vibha Khanna Rastogi, director of the spa. Maybe it’s the knowledge that the ingredients are as natural as ever, or the gentle rubbing motion with which Ruth is applying the intoxicating scrub that I am lulled into a mental repose. I drift into a half-asleep state, feeling the circulation improving in my legs, knowing my skin will look and feel amazing.

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