As wanderers, we understand how you may be feeling right now if you are practising home-quarantine or self-isolation. We can feel the urge of stepping out there and exploring nature, wildlife and the likes. However, the fact that you are fighting that urge and staying indoors to keep yourself and the society safe is truly commendable. Having said that, we have something exciting for you. San Diego Zoo in California is streaming live. Deets below! By Kumar Shree  


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Here’s the deal! What if we say that you can take a jungle safari while sitting in the confines of your home? Would you believe us? Well, seems like things that were not possible until now have become a reality. Organisations around the world are coming up with unique and innovative ways of keeping the show running in the times of the Coronavirus outbreak. Keeping up with the changing times, the San Diego Zoo and many others are live-streaming their animals. 

Apart from that, the show called THE ZOO that streams on Animal Planet channel is also something we highly recommend. The show allows you to witness the playfulness of baboons and penguins from Africa, Polar bears from one of the Arctics, the Australian Koalas, the Asian apes and more — all while sitting in your home. Talking about the safari, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park is home to more than 2,600 animals across 300 species. So, go ahead and check out the live stream here and you never know which animal you’ll get to see. 

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