Glamour Junction: Salon De Beauté At The Oberoi New Delhi Should Be On Your Weekend Planner!

A world of effective skin and hair treatments awaits you at the luxurious Silhouette, Salon De Beauté at The Oberoi in the heart of the capital. By Parvati Mohanakrishnan

I Just love head massages. There, I said it! And I’m talking about those perfect champis that employ oil that’s at just the right temperature, pressure that varies from medium to
hard —intense on just the right spots—and an excellent therapist with whom you share a trusting relationship. Speaking of which, I’m at Silhouette, Salon De Beauté at The Oberoi, New Delhi indulging in my favourite activity—a ‘Head Massage with Argan Oil’. My therapist has been in the business for years, and has an intuitive touch that tells him exactly where
the nasty knots and tension in my neck and back lie. And he coaxes them into submission. This is after he’s spent the last half hour sending my hair roots and scalp into a tizzy. All too soon, or so it seems, the massage comes to an end.

I reluctantly drag myself out of that space of weightlessness that an excellent massage always sends me into, and almost sleepwalk my way to the shampoo stations. The lounge-like chair helps diminish the withdrawal symptoms a bit, but when, at the click of a button, the chair rises to transform into an almost-flat bed, I realise that I’m in for a treat! The ‘Luxe Shampoo with Sans Hair Wash and Hydrant’ is just a continuation of my head massage, albeit with warm water and shampoo. Two slow shampoos later, a hydrating conditioner is applied on my hair’s mid-lengths and tips. And while my hair soaks in the goodness of the conditioner, a kind soul massages my feet.

It’s been massages and relaxation all afternoon for me at Silhouette. I’d entered the salon three hours ago, and after a refreshing cup of green tea, changed into a gown for a ‘Pureearth Facial’. The guilt-free treatment uses products by Pureearth, which believes in creating creams and potions that are not only gentle on your skin (they’re paraben- and sulfate-free), but also ‘on the Earth and its creatures’ (ethically sourced). My therapist had talked me through all the steps of the facial—from cleansing and examining to exfoliation and massage—explaining how each product used was improving my skin. A hydrating mask
had helped seal in all the goodness, and I had opened my eyes to supple and glowing skin. My next treat had been a ‘Sans Pedicure and Manicure’.

The Sans [ceuticals] range is ‘without any unnecessary or harmful ingredients’. So my limbs had been in safe hands—and skilled too, I had realised when the exfoliating and buffing had led to relaxing hand and foot massages that had continued well into my head massage. Back in the present, my foot massage ends when it’s time for my hair wash. As the warm water touches my scalp, I rise out of my reverie, feeling refreshed. A blow-dry later, I re-enter the world with bouncy hair, glowing skin, and nails to envy.


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