Safe Cities Index 2019 is here, and we sum up everything that you need to know. By Kumar Shree 

Safe Cities Index 2019 marked Tokyo as the safest city in the world followed by Singapore, Osaka, Amsterdam, Sydney, and Toronto for the consecutive spots. Washington DC appears on the seventh spot while Seoul and Copenhagen commonly share eighth spot on the list. The report compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit takes 57 indicators into consideration; digital security, health security, infrastructure security, and personal security are some of these indicators.

Going by a few individual indicators, the top five cities in terms of digital security are: Tokyo, Singapore, Chicago, Washington DC, and the fifth spot commonly shared by Los Angeles and San Francisco. In terms of health security, the top five cities come to be: Osaka, Tokyo, Seoul, Amsterdam, and Stockholm. As far as the personal security is concerned, the top five cities turned to be: Singapore, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Wellington.

Now talking about India, only two cities managed to register themselves in the top 60 safest cities in the world. Mumbai tops the list of these Indian cities with 45th position followed by New Delhi, which claimed 52nd spot for itself. Talking about the digital security, Delhi and Mumbai both commonly settle for the 47th spot. In terms of health security Mumbai again fares better than Delhi and takes 50th spot on the list while Delhi settles for the 51st spot. In terms of infrastructure safety, Mumbai again takes a better spot at 50th position as compared to that of Delhi’s standing at 57th spot. In terms of personal security while New Delhi takes the 41st spot, Mumbai again takes a better standing here at 37th spot. 

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